Topic: Magic number - how to set it / problems with identical magic numbers?


I am new to FSB and would like to know how it is possible to manually set the EA magic number before exporting it to Metatrader 4.

I have understood that FSB sets the magic number automatically in accordance with the system time at the moment of the export.

Now, does it result in any problems if I have exported several EAs at the same time and therefore those EAs have the same magic number?

Thank you for your feedback.

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Re: Magic number - how to set it / problems with identical magic numbers?

Hi Welcome aboard, Toe

I assume that most people will set their EA magic number when they install it in the MT4 chart.

The FSB set the magic number automatically when you export and refresh your EA that is already in the MT4 if you didn't have any default magic number (I think, cos I don't use this method).  But I do noticed that if I re-export my amended EA and refresh it (my EA sometimes, ended up having a new magic number and the old EA magic number is over write, but sometimes this didn't I'm not sure is it because of the update changes or some other issues).

But given a "normal" practice...this is what I'll do for new EA export.

After I export all my EA to MT4 (a short cut is to open all the EA (you want to export) in the FSB and click the "Export All Strategies to MT4/MT5" and all the opened files (EA) will be exported.  Please remember to "Find MT Terminals" under the "Expert Advisor settings", so that FSB will export your EA to all your existing MT at once.

I have to install them one by one on each MT4 time chart (eg 1min, 5min etc).  During this "installation", I get to key in my own unique magic number (according to your numbering system, if you have a systematic way of numbering your EA).  Please remember, each EA need to have a different/unique magic number and also it helps when you want to analyse each EA's performance later.  Currently, the max digit you can use for the magic number is 10 (again, I'm not too sure whether this is because of the update or my MT4 issue because in the past I can have more than 10 digits).

Hope I have address your enquiries correctly.