Topic: only in optimizer ( error driver graphic )

Hi to all , i have ONLY ( in never other "hard " software, game or mathlab o strategyquant or similar for example   ) in optimizer FSB this error with graphich driver, not  in generation but only in this case.

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Re: only in optimizer ( error driver graphic )

Strategyquant does not use the graphic subroutines that FSB pro uses which are more advanced in order to be more expandable.

Strategyquant is a very simple software. It has an EA common for any case created by using ON and OFFs in its indicators.
It is very expensive because users do not understand programming. It uses commands of MT4 etc.

In opposite of FSB pro, it cannot accept Custom Indicators but only data of them.  This is rubbish.

Usually problems with drivers can exist with any software. I have problems even with Matlab.
It depends how simple is what you do and how fast you want to do something (timing, anime, filters etc)

Practically a log of your error should be created.

Try to change parameters through control of NVidia or just change the card with an original one of NVidia. Sometimes instabilities exist at not original cards or bad drives of the card.

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Re: only in optimizer ( error driver graphic )

the card is original Nvidia (GT 740 2GB) not msi asus etc ..., with the official automatic updates settings standard ( alis 3d quality ecc not interest me )
There is not, at least readily available, the log file.
It does not do it often, but it seemed only right to report it.

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Re: only in optimizer ( error driver graphic )

In control panel of NVIDIA exist and other parameters
Once I had problem with a specific only software as I moved my mouse and screen of graphics was changed.
I changed one parameter and everything was fixed.
I did not expect only that to fix the problem but now I have no problem.
With FSB pro I never had problem.

Another thing I recommend is to reinstall NVidia Drivers after uninstalling and check if all Windows system files and dlls are fine and in their correct positions.

There are free softwares to do that. I am sure you can find something.

Check also explorer.exe position. Reinstall and drivers of mouse.