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I can´t say it often enough: BIG thanks at first for having created and maintaining FSB Pro like that, Mr. Popov, this is just incredible!

A question I am having: is it planned to make the generator generate strategies for multi-symbols so that we can find strategies that work on multi-markets? I love this feature within StrategyQuant (which I am also using) in that I can select for example: EURUSD; GBPUSD; USDJPY; USDCAD; EURJPY etc. all at ONCE for the strategy generator and the results are shown as portfolio of all trades on all these symbols for the strategies it finds. This way you can find REALLY robust results that work along a heap of different markets.

Is this something that is planned for FSB as well? Right now I only see the Multi Markets tester, but for generating strategies, it can be only done on one symbol, correct?

Thanks a lot:)

Re: Generate strategies for multi-symbols

This is actually not too difficult to be done. I'm planning several new features for FSB till the end of the year and I may add this also.

I may make a separate Generator (out of the Strategy page) that will work on several markets and will push the results in collections. I have already did that for the online version. Adding the muti-market generator is a matter of adding a config panel for setting the Symbols.

Re: Generate strategies for multi-symbols

Oh great, then I really look forward to that feature! Thanks a lot:)