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I have the following problem with my FSB generator:
If the generator runs, the SL and the TP go directly to 1000; before were the values 0 and it was no hook in the small boxes ???
Please help my

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Click on the Strategy Properties slot and you will see the Generator's Common Options panel.

You can set the SL , TP behavior there.

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Hi Popov,

Under the Generator Settings, there is Additional Settings - "Use default numeric settings" what does it mean?

Does it mean use the same parameters but let the generator change the use of indicators but all the periods remain the same? 

If that's the case, it is good because the parameters determine which types of EA I want to create and hence "locking" it would let the Generator find the most suitable indicators to be used for that particular period.  I like this idea, I have assumed correctly.

The Generator is really a powerful tool.  Too bad a lot of users do know how to manipulate the settings to get optimum results.  I wish those who have use Generator or Optimizer would step forward to give some tips on how to use Generator for different strategy searching, etc.  Maybe a video would also be great.  Now just the general use of the Generator, but a deliberate teaching of using Generator for certain strategy selection.

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"Use default numeric settings" lets the Generator changing only the logical rule and the other parameters shown as a drop-down lists. The Generator will keep the default values of the indicators. The purpose of this option is to reduce the risk of over-optimization.
More or less with that option on the Generator will act as the Mini Optimizer you have requested.

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So the Generator not only keep the default parameters but also the default indicator used right? (because initially, I thought it would also change the indicators used).  If that's the case, that's good.

Yeah I finally get what I (dream for) wanted...via a different method. (wished you highlighted that earlier or wished I've looked into the Generator and asked this question earlier, ha ha ha)

Thanks anyway...FSB has too many hidden gems...and tremendous potential smile

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So Popov,

What am I suppose to do, if I want to utilise the "use default numeric values", do I choose "link" or "lock" for my opening/closing conditions in order for Generator to change only the drop down list etc. to act as my mini optimizer? 

I am beginning to fall in love with the use of Generator....finally, I can see how it can fit my needs and use it to target at where I want to "optimize".

Now I've a lot of work to do before you release your next updates...

1. Shortlist those good EA (with my EA analyzing tools I just found)
2. Improve some EA by running these EAs in the Generator as a "mini optimizer" that I always wanted to have.
3. Get ready to incorporate your profit protection features!!!
4. Observe EA in demo
5. Select next round of EA
6. Whoala, done.  EA project completed
7. Install EA in live account...let the money roll in, ha ha ha.
8. Donate to FSB smile

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The Generator will change the indicators unless you "link" them ("chain" them as Dave says). I'm not sure what is the correct term. This option is in the Generator since December 2008. I remember because my ship was frozen near to Three Rivers - Canada and between the rescue activities I have search for the best padlock icon smile. This was my first voyage as a Chief Engineer.

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Yes, Link is the term used in Generator.

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Can you add another feature/function whereby, "use default open/close option" would only change the smoothing, base, signal and not change the other drop down list such as (higher than, rising, falling, cross over)?

That means, you have another option call "use default opening/closing option", whatever name is appropriate.  So that if I tick both "Use default numeric values" and "use default opening/closing option", I truly will have my "mini optimizer" that I dream of.  I think this added function would be easy to implement, since you can instruction the Generator to limit it's search by not changing the default numeric values, I think you could also write your code/instruction to prevent the Generator from changing the open/close options too. (I'm assuming with this logical thinking). 

Having this additional function would also help traders to pinpoint and find the appropriate parameters if they are looking for in a cross over (for example) 2 MA in the H1 time frame.  By ticking this "Use default open/closing option" but leaving out "use default numeric values" option, I can then use the Generator to narrow down which parameter would gives me better results for cross over conditions. 

Using this two options also reduce the results of over "curve fitting" and over optimize cos we reduce less items to "optimize".  With the above 2 options, use default numeric values and open/close options, the Generator would be even more useful/powerful tools for traders to target and narrow down our search and get better results that would be aligned to our trading theory/concepts instead of randomly picking the parameters or opening/closing conditions for us. 

In the past, I shun the use of Generator because I already have my parameters and indicators to work on and I don't need the generator to generate other trading concepts/theory for me (this may suits traders who haven't found/formulated a trading plan/theory).  As for me, I was looking more for a tools to work on my existing theory/concept.  With these mentioned features...experienced traders who already have their own trading plan/theory could use Generator to improve/refine their EA for better performance and results.

When we can use Generator with greater control over what we want to work on or find, we end up having better results from the EA produced by the Generator...and in this manner, the Generator becomes a very essential tools all traders must have in their effort to speed up their EA development process/progress.  Now I see the use of Generator very differently, when we able to incorporate the "use default numeric values" and "if" with the added suggested function "use default open/close option".  As a results, I think more would join in and start purchasing the FSB Full version in order to use this Generator.

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When I use the Generator and I link all my opening conditions (consist of many different time frame, using 1 min time chart), the generator seem to be rather laggy in terms of finding profitable strategies as compared to few LTF used (I know it's common sense).  Some time back, I used 2 to 3 opening conditions for each time frame, 1min, 5min etc and link all them up and run it in the Generator, after couple of hours, still no profitable strategies in the repository.

I suspect that it got to do with how the algorithm works between time frames (from a layman point of view).

Imagine if Generator is able to generator EA with different LTF conditions with greater efficiency, it would be wonderful.

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I tried out the Generator with the "use default numeric values" and link all my conditions.  And I check those EA generated, I realised all my default parameters were changed.  The "use default numeric values" didn't function so to speak.

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I realised all my default parameters were changed.

Your default parameters !?
The option means the Generator uses the default parameters of the indicators as coded in the indicators code. The default values are mostly chosen by the indicator inventor. For example, the Awesome Oscillator has period 34 and 5 chosen by Bill Williams. MT even doesn't allow you to set them.

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Oh I see, it's the indicator's default, not my default.  Can I changed my indicators' default? 

Better still, can you change the way the default is defined?  That means, use my own default, not the indicators' default.

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Can you kindly consider the change of use for the default be according to users default for each opening and closing conditions. 

If we based only on the Indicator's original default, then there is only 1 default.  But if we use our own default settings for our opening and closing, there are a number of "default" for each opening/closing and hence if I wanted to manually change the indicator's original default using the Meta Editor, it would have defeat the purpose because, in my each opening/closing and I use different parameters for different time frames (LTF).

Even you keep this original "use default numeric values" setting, I wonder how use will it be as compare to if we can have our own default, it would open up much more room/opportunities for exploration and testing and increase FSB's usage and strength to prove more tools EA development.