Topic: ideas to promote FSB wanted

hi everybody

i want to just say how fantastic this software is and we are lucky to have a great mentor like Mr Popov.

we should all get together to promote the FSB .


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some blogs

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Re: ideas to promote FSB wanted

GD wrote:

some blogs

i am not a software person but......i found FSB through a search so it should be search engine friendly....just a thought

how did you find out about FSB?

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If you want to promote FSBPro.....

Become an affiliate

Build a website

Make it an authority site, 20 or 30 epic posts

Build a mailing list

and promote and make an excellent referral commission for each sale.

There is your plan, probably the most effective way of promoting FSBPro.

This will take a few months, probably will pay you well for your time.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....