Topic: Error Report - fields vanishing in Trade Settings

In FSB Pro I have 13 strategies opened. Each has been connected to a chart in MT4. Bridge works perfectly and trading is preformed correctly (as far as I can understand). Each strategy name field is green, as expected. Now I will choose one of several strategies (let say with ID=01) and select Trade Setting button (icon). First time I will open this command everything is OK. I will find three commands there: Recommended chart bars (with value 1000); and two commands in lower part separated by a line with title Additional: “Trader setting in Control Panel” and “Auto Start page in Control Panel”.

Now I will close this window with help of the small arrow on right side (this will change window back to indicator list), and then select Trade Settings again (for same strategy). This time the window will show only first command (Recommend chart bars), a line with title Additional, but not commands under the line. For clarity I am attaching picture of last phase of description here.

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Re: Error Report - fields vanishing in Trade Settings

Thank you Leon. I'll take a look at the issue.

Have a great weekend!