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Topic: how put a "position" buy and sell??

i want to put a position about the opendaily:

+20pips up openday with stop and limit => buy
-20pips down openday with stop and limit => sell

please help me big_smile


openday + 20pips = buy
buy limit: openday + 60
buy stop: openday - 10

openday - 20pips = sell
sell limit: openday - 60
sell stop: openday + 10

how do I this???

Re: how put a "position" buy and sell??

Currently you can't fix the entry points +- numb of pips, but you can use entry on a pivot point.
You can try something like:
Entry: Pivot  - long at the R2 (short at the S2)  --> this will buy when the price rise to R2 and will sell if the price drop to S2.

Exit: Stop Limit (-60, +10)

This has to be near to that you want. The difference is that the opening point depends of the previous bar volatility. 

It looks intersting and easy to do. We will include a Stop-Limit entry indicator soon. In addition we can do this around a moving average. For example if you set it with period of 1 and Base point - bar opening - it will be exactly that you need. It will be easy also to buy on the lower price and to sell on the upper.

Thank you for the good idea!