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Topic: Forex Strategy Builder Online

Hello traders,

I'm started a side project - online version of the FSB Editor.
It will have backtesting, strategy collections and will be able to export strategy and experts for download.

The main goal is to be easy to check some ideas when we are not on our comp with the full FSB and also to demonstrate the project to the new traders.

It will be the only online expert advisor builder with a back-tester.

Here is a prototype.

EDIT: Link removed

Currently only the user interface is working.
I'll post updates regularly.

Please comment and give recommendations.

Trade Safe!

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Online

Honestly, I would have preferred that time and energy be directed on the current full FSB Pro system that we have and work on the areas that would have higher implication, benefits and effectiveness such as introducing predictive rules in Generator, Protection Features (we all eagerly waited, for so many years) and many more areas contributed by the members etc than in producing a replica of an inferior version of FSB, online. 

If I want to test my ideas, I wouldn't be using the online version, I'm not so impatient that I can't wait till I reach home to do it in my computer.  Unless you are targeting on a different market group of user and leaving your current ones hanging out dry waiting for your update...I don't see how this online version going to benefits your current group of loyal customers.

Sorry for my frankness...maybe I'm just too tired waiting for the update which you mentioned two weeks ago without any further news of the delay.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Online

Mr. Popov, hannahis is absolutely right,
i dont see any benefit having an online version..,
sorry but there are bunch of suggestions including mine at the thread you opened "FSB Pro Wish List - Requested features": http://forexsb.com/forum/topic/3995/fsb-pro-wish-list-requested-features/
you can see my list of very powerful suggestions at page #12,
many many great suggestions like Renko bars, Hidden AKA (Stealth) SL/TP/BE/TS, Walk forward analyzer ,Tick Data included at the FSB built-in data downloader, & etc...

and yeah i've that thread about "Custom Stop Loss and Take Profit": http://forexsb.com/forum/topic/5672/custom-stop-loss-and-take-profit/
great idea and very interesting,
overall i would like to say that there are so many great suggestions and ideas to implement into FSB,
Mr. Popov i think you should take the more important things into consideration.. smile

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Online

Can I suggest that this project is part of the development of the whole project, a stepping stone.

Sometimes we see our own requirements as a priority to take top spot when in actuality there are some things that have to be accomplished along the way.

While Popov does not disclose everything that he is doing and has to be done, he is quietly putting things together for our benefit and his to do list is gradually being worked on.

You can be aware that as recently as a few hours ago he was working on something very important to the program, something that has to be done.

Everything takes time, a lot of time. time to code and time to test.

When we can contribute advanced coding to the program is the time that we can influence development, until then we are going to have patience.

Pressure is counterproductive.

Unfortunately there is no software available today, that without coding skills will produce exactly what we require for our expert advisers.

We can not expect the software to translate our wishes into code........ what we can do is take what the software offers and develop experts from that.

Popov is very aware of the wish list and he has all items listed and sequenced. Some have to be implemented prior to others.

The program is huge, it takes a lot to change areas of the code. And it has to be tested.

You can see the code for the old FSB online and get a wee idea as to the complexity of this program.

Considering that many of the features of the program are new and free.... a pretty good deal to be thankful for!

I wish to add this..

A few years ago Popov left a high paying occupation to devote his time to FSBPro, his mission was to provide as much as possible to the community, most of it for free.

So he has a business.

In order to operate his business he contracts help, underwrites all of the expenses of his servers, and after that is paid for he has a bit for himself.

In order for him to continue, he needs sales.....  He needs marketing........ and we benefit from his efforts at developing the program.

He has to pay the bills each month and provide for his family.

Who are we to tell him how to run his business if we are not paying the bills for him? Think on that for a while before jumping all over him because he did not meet our demands.

Personally I have made quite a bit of money from FSB and FSBPro as I am sure many others have.

I suggest that we temper our demands and allow the business to progress the way the owner has decided, he has done very well by us for several years and I do not see that changing.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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Re: Forex Strategy Builder Online

There was another company did something like that few years ago that but not for free and only for its costumers.
Finally this project stopped.
I did not use it. Nobody wants to run EA in other system.

BUT, I think this idea is very good for promotion of FSB Pro.  by using i.e. only some of the indicators.

Somebody can say. Why there is NO video to show Generator or optimizer Running. It could be faster and having same effect.

It could be also a different project. I am not sure what yet.

What is the situation with protection in FSB pro?

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Online

I am pretty sure that this page will be a huge success...

I am already developing a plan to expose it to a ton of forex traders.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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Re: Forex Strategy Builder Online

FSB Pro success is very much intermingled with users' success.

When users are able to generate or develop profit making EA, by word of mouth, FSB Pro will be prominent.  Users/customers' success in FSB's success.  So anything FSB does to enhance users' success will ultimately translate to FSB's benefits and sales.  Likewise, users' frustrations, would be FSB's issue...if users' after several attempts still find it hard to develop profitable EA, their aren't going to persevere and hang onto FSB, their would lose faith and search elsewhere.  The staying power of a user, depended on their believe in how much they think FSB is effective and efficient to help them derive the EA of their dream...hope is a very powerful element.  If you are asking users to hang in there in hope of a better FSB, do bear in mind, that the time line can't be too long to test their endurance power.  What about those monthly subscription members?  Should they stop their subscription for the many months first and wait for the update to renew their subscriptions?  Would such delay hurt FSB's profit and bottom line?

Hence, as much as FSB Pro has great plan, it needs to look into the essential aspects and priorities and decide which needs are important.  We can't dictate Popov, of course...however feedbacks are ways for him to feel the ground, to sense the needs of his users/customers and decide what's important to his users are also important to FSB's business growth.  There are some projects that are essential and core to trading success and there are some projects that are for enhancement.  We need to discern which has greater priority.

When I was waiting for the upgrade 2 weeks ago that didn't materialized (I was first of all, concern whether Popov was fine...I hope he is in good health) and then out of the blue Popov, announced a side line project...what messaged is he sending?  Naturally, users like me would be confused by the message he is sending...does he know how much the profit protection mean to us?  Does he understand his customers' needs and priorities?  Honestly, at that point, I feel like quitting this forum and just rely on myself to perfect my closing accuracy and come back only when there is a update.  Do bear in mind of a bigger perspective, I'm not upset just because I didn't get my upgrade 2 weeks ago...this profit protection features are something we all have been requesting and waiting for years ago (hence, its not just 2 weeks of delay, it's years of waiting...and the last straw that broke the camel's back (I felt discouraged and Leonherd's effort lifted up my spirit and Karish's comment make me feel that I'm not alone in my frustration).

If Popov is running FSB as a business, then do think from a business perspective...customers' are always right (even if they are wrong, I'm not referring to unreasonable customers, but wrong perception due to lack of proper communication) cos FSB's success depends on customers' success once again, this is undeniable fact.  You can't be saying "hey buy FSB to support Popov, poor thing, this guy gave up his job...so please support him."  This aren't the reason people going to buy FSB.  The main reason I buy FSB is purely because it is good, a genius work of Popov, a credit to his talent and hard work.

I have to wait (though painful as it seems, what choices do I have?  I'm not so talented like you Dave, Footon, GD and others who have the knowledge of data mining, machine learning etc to rely on other software programmes, besides FSB), but how many customers has such staying power?  I can hang on there because I already have profitable EA (that sustain my hope, otherwise, I won't be here still) that needs further improvement, but that's not the result of FSB's generator or optimizer.  It's my own theory I've develop prior to FSB.  How about those users' (who have not found a profitable trading plan) putting their hopes in FSB's capability to search for profitable EA?  I can't speak for the others who have been trying very hard all these months or years and still futile in their quest.  Imagine their level of frustrations and disappointment? How long more, do you expect them to hang on?  What encouragement are they going to get for hanging on?  That's why while waiting for the upgrade, I tried to use FSB Generator to develop possible profitable EA to share with users to help one another find success in FSB. 

I'm confident that Popov will be coming up something really BIG in the future, no doubt about it (this guy is a genius and a patient person)...the question is how long more.  He did mentioned somewhere  in March/April a beta version, but can I have confidence in his time line?  What if he got "distracted" and ended up doing some other side line projects and delay this Mar/April time line, just like what happened to the 2 weeks upgrade he mentioned but got distracted by some other projects.  Now, I've no idea how long my wait going to be (I've no more confidence in the Mar/April time line) because nothing is certain from what was communicated, nor was there any proper update of the progress...all is now by faith and trust that Popov is doing something Big, when will it come, no idea.

I have full respect and admiration for Popov as a person.  But as a customer, I'm frustrated and disappointed.  I hope Dave, you don't mind me rattling on my grievances...I believe I'm not alone, it's just the tip of the iceberg.  At the end of the day, I'm still an avid supporter of FSB, and open communication is important for mutual understanding, customers' loyalty is a mutual efforts, not one sided.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Online

I have huge plans for that, but first I have to finish the dynamic protections and some other stuff.

Trade Safe.