Topic: Exit hour closing

I have a strategy on the Soybean market.

The strategy must close the position in a specified hour, that would be when the market close at 14,15. (The market open again at 20.00)

In the fsb i get this, setting "exit hour" at 15.00 as closing point, and in the journal i see correctly it close the position at 14,15.

When i transfer this strategy as EA, it doesn't close the position at 14.15, i guess because the EA expect to arrive actually at 15.00 to close it. So the position remains open, and i have to close it manually when the market open again.

How could i solve this issue?

Re: Exit hour closing

You have to use M15 chart and to set the Exit Hour to 14:15.

Other option is to use Day Closing 2 with exit at 14:15. It will work on all timeframes (I think), but it will not allow another entry at the same day.

Re: Exit hour closing

In the FSb i already use the 15min timeframe, but it doesn't allow me to set the symbol ":" of the keyboard.

With day closing 2 i'm able to set the specified time but i don't get the same equity result like the setting 15.00.

In addition i don't see any change on the equity changing hours and minutes in day closing2, while i see the equity change with "exit hour".

Re: Exit hour closing

You are right. The Exit Hour accepts only round hours. Why not close at 14:00?

Re: Exit hour closing

Yes, i think to set 14.00, so it should close the position at 14.00, even if from the backtester the results look significantly worse rather than 15.00.