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Our company was founded in 2005 to make the Forex market accessible, safe, easy and profitable for traders from all over the world.  Guided by those purposes, we were the first to introduce cent accounts with the initial deposit of as little as $1, thus making Forex available to thousands of clients.
Nowadays, LiteForex is one of leading brokerage companies that unites traders worldwide. LiteForex is on the top 100 companies list according to World Finance. Our representative offices are opened throughout the world.

Trading accounts
Spread    Fixed, from 3 pips
Leverage    1:1000—1:1
Minimum deposit    $10
Recommended deposit    $50
Account base currency    USD cents, EUR cents, CHF cents, RUB kopecks
Islamic accounts    available

Spread    Fixed, from 2 pips
Leverage    1:500 - 1:1
Minimum deposit    $100
Account base currency    USD, EUR, CHF, RUB
Islamic accounts    available
Rate, % per annum    3,5

Spread    Floating, from 0,9 pip(s)
Leverage    1:400—1:1
Minimum deposit    $500
Account base currency    USD, EUR, СHF, RUB
Islamic accounts    available
Rate, % per annum    7,5

Spread    Floating, from 0,9 pip(s)
Leverage    1:200 - 1:1
Minimum deposit    $200
Account base currency    USD
Islamic accounts    available
Rate, % per annum    0

Trading platforms we use
LiteForex provides its clients with MetaTrader 4, by far the most popular trading platform.  Our clients can also access the cutting-edge platform MetaTrader 5. Freely downloadable applications for trading via mobile devices (Android, iOS and other OS) are always at hand.
The web trading platform , the most advanced trading platform with the portability of an easily downloadable mobile application, provides our traders with a social trading option so that they could follow and copy expert gurus around the world to help them confidently make trading decisions and build impressive expert portfolios.

Unique Features
LiteForex has developed its own unique multilevel bonus program Bring a friend 2.0 that boasts the following exceptional attributes:
1.    A 20% bonus on deposit
2.    $15, $10, $5, $2 as balance funds paid for attracted clients
3.    Affiliate commission of 2 pips from attracted clients' transactions.
4.    Participation in the prize raffle every 3 moths
5.    Huge trading profits
Also, LiteForex’s clients can go for one of the various affiliate programs that provide the best fee rates to partners.

The most popular affiliate programs:
Rebate:  2 pips (up to $20) per a referral’s trade and 10% of sub-partners’ income.
CPS: $ 50 for a client who has conducted more than 50 trades and 10% of sub-partners’ revenue.
CPL:  up to $ 25 for each new client and 10% of sub-partners’ revenue.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The minimum initial deposit for LiteForex’s clients is 10$. The maximum leverage amounts to 1:1000. These are the best conditions for beginners as they provide them with risk-free trading experience.   
LiteForex’s clients can choose from more than 50 payment systems. The most popular ones are Skrill, WebMoney, bank wire transfers or direct deposits via VISA and MasterCard.
There's no limit to how much money clients can withdraw. The automatic processing of withdrawal requests the Company has introduced recently speeds up the process of funds withdrawals and reduces waiting times for all clients.

Re: LiteForex

Attention please!

The holder of the Best Broker in Africa, Best Forex Broker in Nigeria and Best Affiliate Program awards, the worldwide acknowledged broker LiteForex is inviting its Nigerian partners to compete for the Best Nigerian Partner of the Year 2016 title!

The new enthralling contest for partners Best Nigerian Partner of the Year 2016 starts on February 8 and will last till December 15, 2016! That's your chance to join in the largest-scale event of the finance world in 2016.

Any requirements?
LiteForex's partner status in Nigeria
A total of deposits of at least $30,000 from active referrals attracted in the period from February 8 to December 15, 2016
On December 15, 2016 we'll get to know who deserves the Best Nigerian partner title! Three prize places, worldwide recognition and 3 super prizes - MacBook, iPad, and iPhone Apple - are awaiting the best partners!

In the second half of December, all the contest participants will be welcomed at a posh dinner with the company's official representatives. Together we will recap the results of the year and award the prizes to the winners of the Best Nigerian Partner of the Year 2016 contest!


You're halfway to success! You've got every chance to win the Best Nigerian Partner of the Year 2016 title and stable profits!


REGISTER and show that you are the most successful partner in your country!

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Dear client,

To become a successful trader is so easy now with our mobile application "LiteForex Analytics"!

The LiteForex team has developed the LiteForex Analytics mobile application to provide you with high quality content from the analytical portal Claws&Horns. Keeping abreast of the latest news from the financial world has never been so easy!

It’s a complete analytical toolkit within your mobile: signals from technical indicators and trading signals, fundamental and technical analyses, economic calendar and video reviews, and professional advice of Claws&Horns' leading analysts.

The application is available to the users of Android and iOS devices. Daily analytical materials from the independent agency Claws&Horns are provided in 8 languages: English, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, and Turkish. Take advantage of analytical materials for such tools as EUR, USD, GBR, JPY, CHF, CAD, NZD, AUD, Silver, Gold, BRENT, and Stocks. Also, flexible settings contribute to a more convenient use.

Find our application on Google Play or App Store, download it and enjoy powerful professional analytical tools in one platform.

The art of analysis from Claws&Horns is a guarantee of your confident and profitable trading. Anywhere, anytime.

Best regards,
LiteForex team

Re: LiteForex

The grand opening of LiteForex's official office in Tbilisi took place on 4th April. The event brought together the company's clients from every corner of the country who had the unique chance to be the first to meet the company's representatives in Georgia, ask their questions in person and discuss further cooperation and work.

Also, we have set up a training centre for novices and experienced traders. Every client of the company can visit our office and enjoy high-quality client support. What's more, our clients may use LiteForex' dedicated workspaces equipped will necessary facilities and software to conduct trades directly from the office.

We are open Monday to Saturday, 10 am - 8 pm. Arrange to come for a visit!

Our office address:
Bakhtrioni st, 11b

Representative's contact info:
Email address:
Skype: liteforex.official
Phone number: (032) 236 60 32
Representative's site:

The LiteForex broker is constantly looking for the best conditions and trading opportunities for its clients. To improve the quality of our services, we strive to find the best offers from liquidity providers and deliver the lowest competitive spreads.

Today, we are proud to inform you that our spreads on World indices in REAL and ECN accounts have been reduced by more than twice in MetaTrader 4. The reduction will allow you to cut down your trading expenses and increase your profits! 

Please visit the Trading Instruments section for more details and updates.

Trade and earn under the best conditions available in the market!

Best regards,

Re: LiteForex

Dear clients,

The LiteForex Company is proud to announce that 3 new tools have been added to its trading arsenal to upgrade clients' opportunities: Hong Kong 50 Index (HK50), Spain 35 Index (IBEX35), and Italy 40 Index (IT40).

Hong Kong 50, or Hang Seng 50, is one of the major indices of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. It represents a weighted average cost of 50 largest companies in Hong Kong that account for 60% of the capitalisation of the local Exchange. The HK50 index is the main indicator of the Hong Kong market behaviour.

Spain 35 Index, or Iberia Index, is the main index of the Madrid Stock Exchange which consists of 35 most liquid shares. The composition of IBEX35 is revised twice a year based on the current market value of the listed companies' stock.

Italy 40 is a reference index of Borsa Italiana, the Italian Stock Exchange. Borsa Italiana has the 14th greatest capitalization among global stock exchanges and belongs to the London Stock Exchange Group. Italy 40 represents about 80% of the Italian domestic market capitalization and measures the performance of 40 largest and most liquid local companies.

Three new trading tools at your command - 3 new ways to your financial success!

Kind regards,

Re: LiteForex

Credit card or Skrill account owners can now make a deposit into their LiteForex accounts even faster with the 1-Tap system from Skrill. Just select this deposit method and specify your deposit amount. That's all! Your account will be topped up in less than a second!

In case you own several cards and a Skrill account at the same time, you will be offered to choose your priority deposit method when using the 1-Tap system for the first time. Then the system will store your preferences automatically.

Despite its user-friendliness, Skrill 1-Tap still meets the latest security standards regarding E-money services and is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority.

Also, we'd like to remind you of our current promotion that refunds payment system fees when topping up your LiteForex's trading account by credit cards.

Make fast and easy deposits in your LiteForex's account, get fee refunds and make profits!

Kind regards,

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Dear clients,

We are happy to introduce you to our innovative social trading solution based on traders' network. The Social Trading platform is your new tool for trading successfully and increasing your profits through duplication or provision of trades. Besides, Social Trading participants can exchange their skills and acquire new knowledge by communicating with traders from all around the world!

Provider, Duplicator or Follower?
The flexibility of the Social Trading platform allows you to adapt the system to your own needs and get the most of your participation in the project. You can become a provider, duplicator or follower, or you can combine the three roles.

Are you a successful trader? Then, it's what you need! Make trades, share profitable strategies with subscribers through your newsfeed and earn a commission on your duplicators' profit.
Are you new to Forex? Your first steps will be more confident with a duplicator's opportunities! Copy providers' successful trades, adopt their practices and make real profits from trading. The pro traders work to your advantage from now on!
Subscribe to providers' newsfeeds and make use of firsthand information from practicing traders!

Social Trading Platform
Unbeaten service quality, convenience and user-friendliness
Copy trading can be done in ECN accounts
No requotes, any trading strategies
The most popular platform MetaTrader4
Webterminal and all MT4 mobile versions for Android and iOS
More than 150 trading tools: Currencies, Oil, Precious metals, World indices, CFDs on shares
4 copy types
Four customizable copy types to reach the best trading results

As a duplicator, you can use 4 copy types to reach the best trading results:

Full size copying
Copying a fixed size of each trade predetermined in lots
Copying a predefined % of each trade
Copying a fixed share of Duplicator’s equity defined by the Copy equity/Provider’s equity ratio.
A perfect environment for traders' beneficial communication worldwide!
Combine the opportunities provided by our flexible platform Social Trading and trade under the most advantageous conditions with LiteForex.

Choose the best and get the most out of your trading!

Best regards,
The LiteForex broker team

Re: LiteForex

Dear clients,

The ECN accounts from LiteForex have never been so accessible! Join the exclusive circle and upgrade your trading results! From 12th July to 1st September, no minimal deposits will be applied to LiteForex's ECN accounts.

Hurry up to qualify for indisputable advantages in ECN-based accounts with no deposit limits:
Floating spread from 0.4 and market execution
Orders are sent directly to liquidity providers
Trades are conducted without broker's intervention
Orders are executed instantly
No requotes or slippages
No conflict of interests
No limits on strategies used
Increased precision of 5-digit quotes
7.5% per annum on uncommitted funds
Fullest protection against non-trading risks
Also, we'd like to remind you that solely ECN accounts are eligible for our newest high-tech Social Trading system. So, every our client can fully assess the advantages of LiteForex's Social Trading system under the best conditions.

Haven't got an ECN account yet?

Just open one in your Client Profile and immerse yourself in the world of transparent Forex trading.

It's so easy to register in the Social Trading platform!

Become part of social trading to benefit from copying successful and professional traders or share your own experience, boosting your income.

Choose success, create success with LiteForex!

Re: LiteForex

Dear traders,

We invite you try to use our Social Trading platform. Experienced providers already started their trading.  You can become a provider and take a leading position in rating or become a duplicator and start to copy trades of experienced providers.
In details you can read following this link

Best regards,
LiteForex representative

Re: LiteForex

Dear clients,
We are glad to invite you to trade under an updated program “Bring a friend”, Ver. 3.0!

Open your friends all privileges of trading on ECN accounts under a social system for copying trades! Invite them to join this exceptional project that integrates an automated copy trading platform with social media opportunities.

It's very easy to participate in the Bring a friend 3.0 program!

Just open an ECN account with the LiteForex Company and confirm your participation in the program by making a deposit of at least $500. Then you'll become a participant in the program and you will get your individual referral promo code for introducing your friends to the program.

How to start earning under the "Bring a friend 3.0" program?

Use any necessary tools for inviting friends from your Client Profile   with LiteForex and Social Trading Profile . Send your friends personal invitations, spread your referral link or invite via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network. Send a referral link directly or spread it on forums!

What will you get?

You will have 140 LP granted for each invited friend. LP points can be spent in LiteForex's VIP Club  . Spend the points for purchasing a virtual private server for stable connection, additional bonus funds, deposit fee refunds, SMS trading signals, and additional real deposits in your trading accounts.
Real $50 for each deposit of at least $500 your friends have made. This money will be entirely available for you to trade or withdraw at your sole discretion.
Affiliate commission of up to 70% of the company's profit from a concrete trading instrument will be paid for each trade conducted by your referral.
Bring a friend 3.0 is your chance to earn from Forex under the most lucrative conditions. Join in Social Trading, communicate, share opinions, borrow one another's experience, trade on high-precision ECN accounts and earn extra money for client acquisition!

Any questions left? Find out more on the company's site.

Kind regards, LiteForex

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Take advantage of LiteForex's unique offer and increase your deposit threefold with Bonus GO!

Deposit $500 and get $1500
Deposit $7000 and get $21000!
Unlimited sizes and numbers of deposits!

Have you got a CENT or CLASSIC account with LiteForex?
Are you an active trader willing to earn more?

Enter the BonusGO promo-code into the special field when making a deposit of $100 and have 200% of the deposit credited to your account as a gift! The more your deposit is, the higher your profit will be! Not yet a trader? Open an account with us and top it up here.

Your trading chances grow along with the Bonus GO. The bonus may be used in trading and withdrawn once the promotion conditions are observed.

You financial opportunities become unlimited with LiteForex!

Get the Bonus

Re: LiteForex

We’re going to test our traders’ luck three times a week! LiteForex will randomly pick a transaction number of one of our clients using an automated algorithm.
The results will be published on Facebook. Follow us not to miss your lucky occasion!

If a profitable trade is picked, we will double the profit!

If a loss-making trade is picked, we will refund the loss!

Every Monday we will test our clients’ luck on CENT accounts!

Every Wednesday will bring good luck to one of the CLASSIC account holders!

Every Friday we will refund losses or increase profits to an ECN account holder!

Follow the results and look for your ticket number on our official Facebook page! If you are the winner, contact us via Facebook as soon as possible. You’ve got three days following the publication to change the results of your lucky trade!

Re: LiteForex

Dear clients,

We would like to draw your attention to trading schedule over the upcoming Unity Day in Russian Federation on 4th of November 2016 (Friday).

Please note that trading of Russian Rubble (RUB) currency will be closed, all the pairs with RUB will be affected the same way. The trading starts on 7th of November 2016 (Monday) at 00:00 (server time).

In addition, we would like to remind you about the upcoming Time Changes in the US on 6th of November 2016 (Sunday). Please note that trading hours for some instruments will be affected from 7th of November 2016 (Monday), according to information provided previously.

* indicated the server time as displayed in your LiteForex trading platform.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our support department directly via Live Chat or

Best regards,

Re: LiteForex

Note also that due to presidential election in the United States in the period of 00:00 07.11.2016 - 00:00 11.11.2016 (server time indicated in the terminal) margin requirements may be increased if it should be needed due to market conditions. Margin requirements may increase fivefold on all trading accounts of LiteForex

We recommend our customers to assess situation on their trading accounts and allocate the margin to support open positions in order to avoid losses, which may be caused by the increased margin requirements.

We would like to draw your attention that the increase in margin requirements is a measure, which we have to undertake because of the increase in margin requirements of the majority liquidity providers and most of the large banks.

We kindly ask you to take this information into account when making trading decisions and assessing risks in the period of the presidential election in the United States.

Additional information will be posted in the news section of the company.

With best wishes,

Re: LiteForex

Dear clients,
We are happy to inform you about the start of our new New Year promotion 2017! A variety of precious prizes and gifts await the winners. Over 100 clients will be awarded precious prizes, including:

Apple iPhone 7 128Gb
Apple iPad Air 2 128Gb Wi-Fi
Apple MacBook Pro 15 Retina 2016
2017 LP points in the VIP Club (50 gifts)
$50 (50 gifts)
It’s so easy to participate in the contest!

The first 999 clients who deposit at least $500 in their accounts starting from today will be given an individual number. Winning numbers will be formed according to a schedule set out in the contest rules. Real quotes will serve as a calculation basis.

Any client can top up as many of his/her accounts as he/she wishes to increase his/her winning chances! Keep track of winning numbers on the promotion page and may luck be with you!

Top up your accounts, trade wisely and win precious prizes from LiteForex!

Re: LiteForex

Dear clients,

We are proud to inform you that we launched New Client Profiles for our clients. For the time being they can be accessed in test mode, which means that both the previous and the new version are synchronized and work simultaneously.

We are sure that you will appreciate our innovation positively. We did our best to develop the most convenient, functional and user-friendly tool for you to operate your trading, investment, and affiliate accounts at Forex.

New Profiles embrace copy trading functions, traders’ social network, the MT4 web terminal and the affiliate panel.

Now you have an opportunity to test new Client Profiles and provide suggestions on how we could improve them even more. Your opinion and comfort is what we appreciate the most. Hurry up to try your redesigned Client Profile: from 1st February we will completely switch to the new version.

To log in to your new Client Profile, please use the link and your normal login (email) and password.

LiteForex: New Client Profiles now available for use

Re: LiteForex

Updated design and set of functions available to LiteForex’s all clients

Dear clients,

We have developed new and user-friendly Client’s Profiles, having taken into account the wishes of all our clients. We managed to combine new technologies with a simple and intuitive navigation system. All the accustomed options have been kept and optimized.

Also, LiteForex’s new client profiles have been optimized for running on mobile devices, which will allow our clients to manage their accounts anytime and anywhere using their smartphones or tablets.

We believe that our new design is simple and convenient, and we hope that you will appreciate it.

From now on, the old versions of client profile become unavailable, and the new versions switch from a test environment to a live environment.

Should you have any questions, we’ll be happy to assist you any time in our LiveChat. Also, please feel free to leave your feedback or suggestions by emailing us at

Best regards,
The LiteForex team.

Re: LiteForex

Trade stock indexes on CENT account without fees

Constantly searching for new ways to increase our clients’ trading opportunities, LiteForex enlarges the range of trading instruments available on CENT accounts. LiteForex’s clients can now trade such highly liquid tools as stock indexes on CENT accounts too.

Low margin requirements, competitive spreads and high level response to economic releases turn stock indexes into a perfect instrument for trading.

What’s more, another important innovation that we are proud to announce consists in cancelling fees when trading oil and stock indexes on all types of accounts at LiteForex.

We create the best environment for stable trading!

Best regards,
The LiteForex team.

LiteForex enlarges the range of available payment systems

LiteForex added an opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds into/from Forex trading accounts in Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies without any commissions.

Cryptocurrencies are highly liquid assets, and many of our clients prefer to use them for investments. For more convenience, we enabled deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin and Litecoin through the OkPay processing centre. A deposit is credited in the currency of your Forex account, but both deposits and withdrawals can be made in cryptocurrencies.

LiteForex does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees and, traditionally, refunds payment system deposit fees to its clients. Withdrawals in Bitcoin or Litecoin are also made with 0% fees.

Invest wisely with LiteForex!

Best regards,
The LiteForex team.

Re: LiteForex

Dear clients,

We would like to draw your attention to the trading schedule over the upcoming Presidents’ Day in the United States of America on 20th of February 2017. Please note that trading hours for next instruments will be affected:

XAGUSD : Early close 20:00

XAUUSD: Early close 20:00

SPX, NQ, YM: Early close 20:00

FTSE, CAC: Early close 20:00

USCrude: Early close 20:00

CFD: Closed

The server time GMT +2 indicated in the schedule corresponds to the time indicated in the trading platform. Please consider this information when trading.

The instruments that are not specified in this table are traded in normal mode.

All information is intended for guidance only and it is a subject to change. Please, stay up to date.

Sincerely yours,

Re: LiteForex

What shall a beginner do? Forex, Apple and 500$

Where to begin

Before starting to trade using real money it is better to have some practice. A trader shall open a demo account and figure out how to open and close trades, monitor price movement, place stop loss and take profit orders. I will tell you more about it later. Money on the demo account is not real.  A trader cannot earn or lose anything. After clear understanding of the principles of the market, you can open a real trading account.

Read more in LiteForex blog

Re: LiteForex

LiteForex expands the range of trading tools with XETRA shares

Dear clients,

We are happy to announce that LiteForex launched new trading instruments: CFDs on Shares of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The new group of instruments is called “XETRA CFD”. Competitive margin requirements, specifications and description for each of the new tools are available in the trading instruments section.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to trade in contracts for difference in prices of the highest-liquid German shares, such as those belonging to BMW GROUP, Adidas AG, Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG and Hugo Boss AG.

We hope that the instruments of eurozone’s biggest stock exchange will complement your investment portfolio and help increase the efficiency of your trading.

Important information for LiteForex Investments Limited clients
Dear clients,

Please be aware that new amendments to the Public Offer Agreement will enter into force on 31st March, 2017.

Paragraph 5.4 has been added into the Agreement.

Please use the link  to get acquainted with the revised version of the Public Offer Agreement.

Sincerely yours,
LiteForex Investments Limited

Re: LiteForex

Dear traders

If you  would like to become rich ans successful, we recommend you to visit our blog and read 9 wise thoughts from rich man. In our blog you can find other useful articles and advices.

Read in LiteForex blog

Re: LiteForex

Currency Strength Indicator to the rescue!

Currency wars have doomed the deposits of many a brave trader. And all because the latter cannot judge the balance of power between the main players timely and impartially. But today, a fresh strategic development of professional analysts from Netherlands has come to the aid of currency market soldiers – the CSS indicator.

Read more in LiteForex blog

Re: LiteForex

We also love humor. LiteForex launches a series of comics.

Re: LiteForex

LiteForex’s trading hours amended from 13th to 18th April 2017
Dear clients,

We would like to draw your attention to the trading schedule over the upcoming Easter holidays worldwide from 13th of April 2017 (Thursday) to 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday). Please note that trading hours for some instruments will be affected.

13th of April 2017 (Thursday) - 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday):

Gold (XAUUSD), Silver (XAGUSD):
Close – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Open – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 16:30
Close – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 21.30
Open – on 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday) at 01:00

Australia 200 Index (ASX200):
Closes – on 13th of April 2017 (Thursday) at 22.00
Opens – on 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday) at 00:50

Euro 50 Index (SX5E):
Closes – on 13th of April 2017 (Thursday) at 23.00
Opens – on 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday) at 09:00

France 40 Index (CAC):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday) at 09:00

German 30 Index (FDAX):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday) at 09:00

Hong Kong 50 Index (HK50):
Closes – on 13th of April 2017 (Thursday) at 17.45
Opens – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 03:15

Japan 225 Index (NI225):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 01:00

Spain 35 Index (IBEX35):
Closes – on 13th of April 2017 (Thursday) at 18.30
Opens – on 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday) at 10:00

UK 100 Index (FTSE):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 18th of April 2017 (Tuesday) at 09:00

US 500 Index (SPX):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 01:00

US Dow Jones Index (YM):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 01:00

US Nasdaq Index (NQ):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 01:00

Brent Crude Oil (UKBrent):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 01:00

WTI Crude Oil (USCrude):
Closes – on 14th of April 2017 (Friday) at 00.00
Opens – on 17th of April 2017 (Monday) at 01:00

The server time GMT +3 indicated in the schedule corresponds to the time indicated in the trading platform. Please consider this information when trading.
The instruments that are not specified in this table are traded in normal mode.
All information is intended for guidance only and it is a subject to change. Please, stay up to date.

Sincerely yours,
LiteForex Investments Limited