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Can you look into this Expert Magic Number issue.

1. My EA is already running in MT4 (no open position, just waiting for the right conditions)
2. When I make changes to my strategy and re-export to my MT4 and refreshed it, the magic number didn't remain as the previous number I assigned but was given a new magic number.


This doesn't happen all the time.  It seem that the magic number will not remain the same if I add more opening or closing conditions to my EA.  But if I made only some minor changes, the magic number is still the same as before.

Kindly help me look into this issue because when I have to re-export all my EA again each time the Expert code is upgraded or in your next update, I will ended up having to open hundreds of my EA expert tab in my MT4 to modify the new magic number back to the previous/original magic number.

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FSB sets a new Magic Number at every export. The Magic Number is equal to the time of export in the following format: day hour minutes seconds.

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Can you don't have this feature?

It's ok if it is a new export, it's an excellent idea for the format of magic number according to date n time

I prefer your past method, the magic number remain the same as previous one but only generate new magic number if it is a new export.

But every time if I modify my EA, I need to open the EA in MT4 to correct the Magic number, then it is very troublesome.  Imagine when you upgrade your code, then we have to re-export all our EA, then we have to open one by one open, all our EA in MT4 to make the changes back to the previous or original magic again. 

Maybe this problem isn't a big deal to some people...but it's a big deal to me when I have hundreds of EA running all the time in 6 MT4 terminals, it's such an unneccessary waste of time and energy just to correct these magic number

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Re: Expert Magic Number

We need to get our priority right.  The original idea why FSB add this feature of having different magic number is for some who for some reason forgot to input their magic number, won't end up having EA with the same magic number. 

FSB automatically create new magic number on default is no "real" added value to those who have the habit and practice to input their own EA.  I can't imagine any serious person who develop EA without input their own magic number.

However, for most of us (I assume) would have unique magic number for each of our EA (in order for us to analyse and observe the EA results).  Hence, the importance of maintaining the same previous magic number is of greater importance then having a new magic number to assist those forgetful ones or newbies.  The previous method is more effective.  It assist the forgetful ones without punishing those who remember to input their own unique magic number.

My unique magic number help me organise my EA, below are some of the examples for those who may be interested to get some ideas.


if I use 15min as my determine factor for opening, then my EA is 15.01 etc

If I use 60min as my determine factor for opening, then my EA will have 60.01 etc or 1.01 etc

if I use 4hr as my determine factor...then EA is 4.01 etc

If I use 1D then it's 24.01 etc

If I want to add more description to my EA saved in FSB then I will have "24.12 MA n Trend Indicator" as my file name.

That's part of the reason why I have so many hundreds of EA, because I develop different EA using different time period as my determining factor for opening conditions to see which time frame is most responsive and reactive to market changes (all these time period utilise 1min time frame with LTF features).