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Topic: Free EA for Members Only

Dear all,
I'm attaching an EA for Premium members (those who subscribe or purchase Licence) to download.

This is a EA generated by FSB make a Total Profit $3837 with net gain $3050 in 3 days.  SL 210, BE 210

Please test it out in your demo 1st.

It has total during Jan 4 and Jan 6 = 14

Total lost = 5 ($787, max loss $214, min loss = $65)
Total win = 9 ($3050, max gain = $1039, min gain = $46)

Kindly report your results in this discussion so that others non members can see and hopefully would be willing to join as members to access this EA.

Trade Safe (as Popov always say)

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Please post your results here and let me know whether this EA is still good over different brokers and periods.



Re: Free EA for Members Only

Dear Hannahis

How many bars do you use for optimization?

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Hi below is a screen shot of the EA I've made using FSB Generator.

Look for EA starting with 3370xx.  These EA has high entry accuracy based on today's market conditions.

FSB Generator churned out these EA.  I'll upload these EA for Licence members to download and test it out on their demo.  You can take a look at the setting to understand how I manage to get such EA.  For further discussion about the settings, I will open a thread in the Premium Club section...(Licence) member has it's privileges smile

These are open position/trades with floating profits

These are trade/positions that are already closed with profit


Every now and then I'll try to post and upload EA made by FSB Generator to showcase how to develop good EA from FSB Generator so that more can maximise the potential of FSB Generator and realise with it, we can develop profitable EA easily.

If for any reason, you decide to purchase a licence and it's due to some of my efforts...do add me in as your reference smile

I've 3 agenda.

1. To promote FSB (because it is a powerful trading tools).
2.  To help traders discover the potential of such powerful tools, FSB.  It takes two to clap.  If traders are clueless how to use...they may never discover the full potential of FSB.
3.  If somehow by my efforts, people decided to purchase FSB, then at least there may be some reward for my efforts...otherwise, the 1st and 2nd agenda would be suffice.

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

I've uploaded 8 EA from these 3370 series in the Premium Club section with each EA's performance statistic for comparison.

Do test it out in your Demo 1st (as Popov always says, "Trade Safe")

Here's one of the snap shots


Re: Free EA for Members Only

These are EA generated by FSB with certain settings.

For the 1st open trades...all of them are in profit even for those haven't close yet because it is now at 750 pips...with 350 trailing stop and BE 150.  So certainly will close with profit.  Need to see the subsequent trades, whether it keeps open with high entry accuracy. 

I used the Generator to churn out these EA, targeting for high entry accuracy so that it will always end with profit or at least BE.

My aim is to help people use FSB Generator to find profitable trade that they can use.  If all FSB members has at least 1 or more EA that keeps making them money....then I think we all will be rather satisfied at the very least and hopefully as a result will encourage others to purchase FSB to get hold of these EA. 

It's my small way to support Popov and his team of wonderful people who are so giving of their time and efforts.

Currently these are the open trades with floating profit.  Definitely with at least 400 pips profit given with trailing stop at 350.


337011 closed with 633 pips on it's own (not by trailing stop loss)

33701, 33702 and 33703 also closed by themselves and not by trailing stop loss.

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

These 3370 series seem to have good and high entry accuracy.

In the chart below (current and latest update), you can see that 337012 performs better and enter more timely than my own EA.  In fact 337012 performs better (most floating profit) than all my EA.  Now is to watch for stability and consistency over a period of time...so far so good.


Hopefully through my learning process, share the tips and settings to use in FSB Generator so that many more know how to develop profitable EA using FSB Generator.

My goal is to create at least 1 very profitable EA developed by FSB Generator for all (Licence) members to use.  Why Licence members only?...because these are the people who believe in Popov and his team and appreciate their hard work and do their part to support the development of this wonderful and powerful programme.  So if you are not a free loader...do join in and subscribe to play your part smile

If this series of EA 3370 turn out to be really good.  Honesty, I think many may quit trying on their own and rely on Generator to develop EA for them (pros and cons). 

Imagine after all these years of trial and errors and fine tuning, my EA is comparable with these 3370 series....I'm pleasantly surprised.

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

EA 337012 and others have moved up to 1151 currently (with the highest peak earlier on at 1.9367 = 1243 pips)

So the lowest possible Trailing Stop loss now is at 893 pips profit.

I'm now curious how it going to start the next trade, whether with the same high entry accuracy...let's hope this is how it will perform subsequently and it is able to close with high exit accuracy on it's on  without the Trailing Stop exit (ideally)...then this EA is good for trade.


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Re: Free EA for Members Only

33703 Made 1400 pips profit per lot with 8 winner lots base on today's performance.  This EA is available for free upload in Premium Club.

Tips for modifying or using 33703 to develop additional EA.

This EA opening conditions/setting is relatively sound and I would consider using it and add in some of my own conditions to fine tune it further or use FSB generator/optimizer to develop more EA using 33703 as a starting point.  Eg, locked the original conditions and let Generator add in more opening conditions to strengthen the entry accuracy.  Or locked the opening conditions and let Generator find better closing conditions.  Or use Optimizer to fine tune this EA.  With FSB there is tremendous possibilities...the potential lies in the hand of those who know how to use it.  That's why I decided to detour from my own EA development to look into using Generator (which I didn't rely in the past, due to my focus on my own EA theory I've been working all these years) with the aim to develop at least 1 profitable EA to show others how to do it.

Currently, 33703 has some issue with it's closing function, trailing stop limit.  One alternative is to use divergence for it's closing which I think would close better (more reactive to price changes) and obtain higher profit than the trailing method.  I'll upload any improved or alternative version of 33703 to the Premium Club.  This EA look promising and could be one of the very profitable EA that I aim to develop for FSB licence members to use freely.

Highlight:  This EA was formulated entirely using FSB Generator with certain specific settings.  A proud work of FSB's performance and ability to generate profitable EA for users.

Re: Free EA for Members Only


When I use the Generator, which is the best search or sorting method you would recommend?

Re: Free EA for Members Only

hannahis wrote:


When I use the Generator, which is the best search or sorting method you would recommend?

I think one can't bring out only one method, it is more complicated than that. What I look at is win/loss, drawdown, consecutive losses. It really depends on trader's strategic views, if you will.

Currently, I am trying to establish a much better evaluation of strats. We can have splendid equity curves with top metrics, but how to minimize the risk that the strat has just struck a lucky data set, meaning it doesn't really have a predictive ability. So, a statistics thing, which is a mountain to climb for me as I'm not educated in that field. If my efforts are fruitful and meaningful, I'll make a thread!

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Thanks footon, as I always highly respect your ideas and you are the person I look to for questions to ask, since you are my guru when it comes to indicators or technical stuff...my weakness.

I value your feedback.

Re: Free EA for Members Only

hannahis wrote:

Thanks footon, as I always highly respect your ideas and you are the person I look to for questions to ask, since you are my guru when it comes to indicators or technical stuff...my weakness.

I value your feedback.

Oh, I know myself to be a fool, so please don't let yourself be dragged into foolishness wink but thank you nevertheless.

I'm going OT now, I apologize in advance.

You emphasize the sound theoretical groundwork, which I very much agree with. But to me it sounds rather subjective to just stare and try different settings on charts. I might see one thing, but the other person can just as well make contrary inference to my own. Isn't the purpose of sound theory to be replicated in any environment and circumstances? Moreover, to be clearly hypothesized to be proven or unproven with sufficient confidence? What do you think - is your theory developed or universal enough to be formed into numerical parameters or stats?

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Hi Footon,

What gives me the confidence?  As you said, a sound theory is one that can be replicated.

I tried varied combination (replication) of my trading theoretical framework and most of them achieve high entry accuracy.  If you noticed some of my screen shots, I have many unique magic number for each EA.  Each different 1st number represent different approach, eg 500.1 represent 5min entry or exit, 40.1 represent 4hr entry and or exit, 60.1 represent 1h entry or exit, all these using 1min time chart with LTF features. 

Firstly, If my theoretical framework is not sound, I wouldn't be able to obtain/replicate so many consistent profitable EA using different approach (5min entry/exit, 1hr entry/exit, 4hrs etc) of the same fundamental concept.  Secondly, these EA has been consistent in it's performance over 6 months, in fact for more than a year, the only reason I haven't fully "launch" my EA yet is because I'm quite a perfectionist in this area (I don't want to end up losing money instead of making money in real trading), so I keep on perfecting the entry and exit accuracy by making my conditions more and more "refine" so that the EA can operate as a scalper as well as a day trading, it all depends on market situation and how strong the trend, this is my final and ultimate aim for my EA.  So that it can make as small as 50 - 350 pips during side way trending and 1000 plus pips during breakout. 

Basically, I tell myself, when I start to trade in real account.  I want to have a peace of mind.  It is important for my mental health over the long run.  Hence, I need to be confident with my EA, then can I trade with a peace of mind and do not need to keep watching my EA but have complete trust in my EA.  That's the whole purpose of EA, to trade for you and remove all emotional element in your trading decision, so that it is all based on sound trading approach.  If I can't trust my EA, then the emotional element would be too straining.  Second if I can't trust my EA, then I will forever using 0.01 lots and how to make money with such pitiful sum.

While waiting for Popov's profit protection features...I decided to work on refining my EA so that ultimately, it is highly accurate on it's own opening and closing condition (not an easy task...quite mentally tedious and I'm still working on the closing), maybe Popov's delay is a blessing in disguise and it forced me to keep working on my EA instead of relying and fall back on the profit protection features (nice to have, though).

A sound theory is not subjective.  If you look at an indicator chart and it's not obvious but subjected to different interpretation...then you are relying on predictive power which is subjective.  My chart is definite.  A cross over is a cross over (most people's chart, the cross over is so late...adjust and aim for your cross over to be at where the break out happen).  It is definitely and not predictive...it is actual breakout not maybe....hence, it is very profitable because it doesn't waste those huge pips in the 1st couple minutes of a breakout (that's why 1 min time chart is very important if you want to achieve high accuracy).

That's why I avoid those trading concepts that count how many candles up and down then enter if open above BB or price close below etc...these are so subjective in my opinion.  Such "patterns" are  inconsistent and complicated and highly subjective and not able to accurately pinpoint when and where the breakout happened.  Elliott wave or head and shoulder etc...how to predict or create EA base on such subjective up and down.

Re: Free EA for Members Only

About prediction - it's a matter of definition, I say a prediction is a set rule or logic in FSB. For instance, if one sets up a cross-over logic, it is basically a prediction that after the cross-over event something happens - price rises or falls sufficiently to profit from it. A trader doesn't set up a strat to consistently lose, does (s)he. Secondly, it is not certain that a profit is made after the event, therefore one holds a probabilistic event in his/her hands based on a prediction. That's why it is hard for me to grasp "definite" chart, it sounds like future is already known.

To generalize - you don't calculate stats other than net return in demo test?

A little bit of advice - go live sooner than later. A too much perfected demo strat can cause problems when going live. It pretty much depends on the broker, better find out it sooner than later.

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Thanks Footon for the clarification. 

In the past, without my set of indicators, I wouldn't know which way the price would go.  Sometime it look like it's going up, yet I'm not sure when to enter.  I waited a while more to see whether it is still going up, then again, if I enter later, I wander how long this uptrend will last, what if I waited too long and the price is about to turn around.  MACD doesn't help much.  It's just a snap shot of the current situation but doesn't provide me the "big picture".  Hence, I ended up "paralyzed" by this sense of "unpredictability".  With my theoretical framework, I can have a sense of the "big picture", know whether the uptrend is going to last or just about to turn around.  When to enter and when it is too late to enter but wait for the next breakout.  It's a nice knowledge to have, makes me more confident and have a better sense of control in what I'm doing...not so lost as before.

I've already found one broker, JFD whom I can trust.  JFD claimed that the demo statistic is the same as live and also it has the same spread for whatever account size. 

This is JFD's claim "In 2015, 100% DMA/STP Agency Only execution, core inter-banking spreads, MiFID compliant post-trade transparency and full anonymity shall be the only standard for Meta Trader users and more so their only concerns, certainly not Bonuses and other Cash Promotions. Unfortunately, numerous so called “world class” historical Retail Brokers (i.e. Alpari, FXCM, FXDD, FX Sol, and more) are still resilient to embrace the change. Not only do they actively prevent access to all the above by raising their thresholds on “Pro/Direct” accounts and/or by adding intentional complexity to their offering, but they also tend to attract retail clients by spending millions of Dollars on numerous cash promotions and advertising campaigns, systematically distracting their clients’ attention from what truly matters. Someone had to embrace the change, we did 100%!"

JFD is 100% DMA/STP Agency Only execution without any other licence to trade on their own and hence, JFD would not trade against their clients as some other brokers did.  That's why last year during the CHF case, a number of big brokers when burst or nearly bankrupt.

JFD data has very similar results as FSB data source and almost the same many times.

I've just went live this Friday.  So far so good.  My EA made $20 for 0.01 lot size with another $6 floating profit just for 1 day trading.

Lastly, when I'm perfecting my EA, it's not the same as curve fitting per se.  I'm adding more opening conditions to "tighten" the situation or making a "stricter" entering rules and hence increase the entry accuracy in my case (in my lay man's opinion and personal perspective, it's harder to curve fit an EA with more rules.  When an EA has more criteria to meet, it's harder to fit into any statistic, it is so call "rigid" for any curve fitting.  Furthermore these additional rules are not pluck out from nowhere to fit into the statistic but rather these are additional rules that "restrict" the EA from any random entry and hence "anti curve fitting" so to speak, if you understand from my perspective).

Figurative speaking, if you have a curve, which is easier to fit, a flexible ruler or a rigid ruler?  When an EA has a number of criteria/opening conditions...it becomes "rigid" and harder to curve fit into the historical data....unless your EA has a sound theoretically framework that "fits" the price movement patterns and hence, it "mirror" as neatly as possible with the pricing "behaviour" and therefore resulted in consistent and profitable EA. 

Unless you can understand where I'm coming from, i.e my perspective, you may find me speaking in riddles.  Sorry, I have to speak in such general manner in order to keep my trade's secret, otherwise, I always prefer specific instructions or comments that would help others improve their trading plan.

That's why I venture into FSB Generator in order to develop profitable EA to share with others without compromising my trading strategy and also learn and then teach others how to use FSB Generator with greater success after I've learnt the ropes myself.

Re: Free EA for Members Only

Very interesting. I take it that you have modelled the price behaviour, what kind of analysis it was, if it's not a secret? Somekind of cycle analysis?

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Actually, a lot of indicators are modelling after price changes if so to speak.  Just that they got the parameters wrong.

Honestly if I share my trading plan to anyone, it's like a light bulb turned on in one's brain and "suddenly" they can see clearly.  Then they will realize "it's so plain simple, why didn't I see it in the first place".  It is so logical that one would wonder why they didn't think about it...it make so much sense and why didn't they thought about it. 

I think that would be the reaction if I share my trading plan smile  Sorry guys, it's trade secret.  Needs some enlightenment from above smile

That's how I started my journey.  God is such a mathematical genius and surely when He looked at the forex data, He can see a perfect formula.  And so instead of me racking my brain to formulate the equation.  I simply asked God to direct my path and show me His formula.  So step by step, God enlightened my perspective and i felt it's so logical and simple...why didn't I see it in the 1st place smile It has been an enlightening journey...each time I grasp a concept, He direct me to grasp the next level till I reach this near "perfection".  Today, I fine tuned my EA till it reached 93% win/lose ratio and another one 100% win/lose and I'm curious to test it out on this coming Monday...let's see where it goes from here.

I think that for a curve fitting EA, the more conditions you add, the lower your profit would be, cos you reduced it's probability.  Whereas the opposite is true for a sound EA, the more consistent conditions you add, the sharper your EA and hence, higher the entry/exit accuracy and hence, higher profit.

Re: Free EA for Members Only

About the secrets... Yeah, I know the feeling and fully understand your point of view. After some time I realized that there are not such an amount of talented people who can just run away with your idea or work for various reasons, on the other hand it hasn't helped to let off my guard about things I cherish or deem "top secret" big_smile

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Thanks for your understanding Footon,

When people obtain something freely, they don't cherish it.

If I tell my trading plan to others who haven't labour for it, they "fling" it away easily...in this case, they would be so excite about this wonderful find that they would want to tell everyone about it because it's so wonderful and yet cost them nothing....hence, no reservation to hold back from telling others.

Hence, I'm guarding this knowledge like a family heirloom and going to pass it down to my children.  My children would then learn to trade and improve on my knowledge and pay for their own university tuition fees smile

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Realised my EA made 3214 pips on Friday on live trading and minus swap, commission, it's $28.57 profit for a day's trading (not 2000 pips or $20 for 0.01 lot) smile

So my EA not only did well in demo but on live too smile


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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Dear all,

Here is some tips for improving the EA I've uploaded.

I use 33703 in the generator and locked all the opening conditions and let the generate add in some more opening conditions to increase predictive outcome. 


If you come across some good EA that did well but somehow not so perfect yet, such as entry accuracy need to improve results by reducing the loss.  One of the way is to run this EA in the generator and lock all the opening and closing conditions and let the generator add in more conditions hoping that it would eliminate those error entry.

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

Dear all EA 337015 has made a total of $848 net profits and currently has a floating profit of $1057, it's highest peak (presently, is 1296 pips so with a trailing stop at 350, it is guaranteed with a 911 net profit, bring it's total profit to a minimum amount of $1759 for the period between 14 Jan till 28 Jan (14 days, since the start of this EA).

I would probably reducing the Trailing stop from 350 to 300 pips.  Do consider running this EA in the generator by locking all the opening and closing conditions and allow the generator to add more opening conditions to "tighten" and increase the EA's entry accuracy and improve it's statistical results.

Kindly give me your feedback if you encounter any good results from generating the EA you have download to encourage others in similar attempts.  And if you do make good real profit out of it...do consider giving your contribution to FSB's future development.  Thanks....as Popov says "May the Trend be with you" smile

This EA is available for free download in the Premium Club.

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

EA 337015 looks promising...doing very well now, reaching 1527 pips (1.09947 EURUSD) floating profit at the highest peak...position opening at 1.07950 since 22 Jan at the start of the upward trend. 

EA 337012 and 33707 both doing very well too today, open today at the start of the upward trend (entry accuracy pretty good).  If you looked at the screen shot (the 2 vertical red line marked the opening positions), both the entry timing for 337012 and 337015 are impressive.

I sincerely hope we got at least 1 if not 2 or more profitable EA free for all FSB Premium club members to take home with it smile So that when you subscribe to FSB, you at least know for sure you have a profitable EA to help you earn back your subscriptions, that will be my ideal contribution back to FSB.

I let the generator add in more opening conditions for 33703 and the varied versions of 33703 seem good.  Will upload it once I have observed them over the few days/weeks to select which are the better performing once.

All these EA are fully developed by FSB Generator.  If 3370 series produce a number of winning formula, it will be a public and open demonstration of the excellent capabilities of FSB Generator that beat all other competitors in terms of speed and ease of use in searching for profitable and predictable EA!  The key lies in knowing how to choose the right settings (not difficult, I'll put all my instructions step by step for all FSB Premium Club members to learn in due time, when I finished with FSB Generator experiment)

Can someone kind enough to run 337015, 33703 and 337012 in some sort of test with data analysis what so ever to see how is the robustness etc cos I'm not very good in this area.  And share with us your results and if you have improved on these EA, it would be kind of you to share the improved version of these EA...let pay it forward and make this forum one of it's kind...started by Popov who has demonstrated to us his generosity in sharing with us his knowledge and expertise.


EA 337015 closed on it's own instead of trailing stop limit at 1523 pips profit (at EURUSD 1.09473), impressive.  So till date, 337015's total net profit is 2344 pips within 14 days.  What I like is that it is capable of closing on it's own at a very good profit level.  May this EA be our new year present for a good head start smile

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Re: Free EA for Members Only

EA 337012 (350 trailing) is still opened with a floating profit 792 and beyond.

EA 3370121 (300 trailing), I want to compare which trailing has better results.

EA 337015 has closed and opened a reversed position (sell) at 1.09504, and prices seems heading down now.  It's this downward trend continue, I must say 337015 has excellent open and close accuracy...then we really got a winner here.