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Topic: Auto Stop Trader With Some Conditions

I wonder if it is possible or practical to add "Stop Trader if these conditions are met" kinda option.

A strategy that had been worked on may seem profitable, yet it may become unprofittble for some time. So, even we should take care of the decision where we should continue/not continue with a system, an option on the Trader may support  us if the system-strategy becomes unprofitable at a point.

Such as

-> Stop trader after n-consecutive loss.
-> Stop trader if average of last 10 trades are less than zero
-> Stop trader if coefficient of variation of last 10 trades are bigger than 4


I know it comes to the point where to stop and take out a system (even it is traded manually or auto). But this kind of additional option to stop Trader from trading may be an extra protection for live trading. May also reduce the necesity to analyse the result of trades in excel.

My apologies if disscussed  and found impractical earlier.

Re: Auto Stop Trader With Some Conditions

Good idea
Or Max DD then is to stop the Ea.

lg Pit

Re: Auto Stop Trader With Some Conditions

if only we have an "auto build in" optimizer within an EA...wonder if there such a thing.