Topic: Limit order and trailing the entry

Hi guys,

does anyone know how to use buy/sell stop entry orders and then trailing the market with that order with something like ATR or PSAR till the entry triggers?

Re: Limit order and trailing the entry

I use this to get pending orders, there is an explanation somewhere that I can not locate however you might do a search for it.

Popov has explained how to do it a couple times

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Re: Limit order and trailing the entry

With FSB you don't have to think for the orders. Just set your indicators and rules. FSB will use the correct type of orders automatically. Please note that, if the program needs pending order, it will implement it internally. FSB will wait till a pending order target is reached and will execute a market order. That eliminate the need of placing, modifying and canceling of pending order via MT (we want to leave minimum opportunity to the broker to steal our money).