Topic: something wrong with the Save button

Hi Popov,

I've this problem for a while even before the update and now too during the update.

The save button sometimes "not highlighted" for me to use appeared gray after I made some changes to my strategy and I can't click save and sometimes use the "save as" button instead.

Sometimes, I need to close the FSB programme and open up the FSB programme again to return to the original or default mode whereby the save button can be used again.

This problem happens on and off, not all the time.

Re: something wrong with the Save button

The Save button is "enabled" only if the current strategy is changed. Another indicator of changed strategy is the asterisk character before the strategy name.

FSB Pro always keeps the state of a strategy and compare it on every change you made. For example if you have changed a strategy, but latter you undo the changes to the initial state, the Save button will be disabled.

If you are sure you have a strategy changed and the Save button disabled, it is a clear bug. Please try to reproduce the exact steps to the bug and I'll fix it.

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Re: something wrong with the Save button

Hi Popov,

I'm very sure it's a bug.  Because I deliberately change the strategy and still the Save button didn't appear.  And sometimes even when I tried to go to the file folder and use "save as", the function is not available.

Sorry I don't know how to reproduce the error because it happens so randomly that I can't re-trace my steps.  I'll try to be more observant to see any link to any actions etc.