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Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v3.4, with EA Code v32 - Early Access

Please find attached the newest version of Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.4.

Bug fixed:
- Fixed unnecessary additional signal shift of LTF indicators with some logic rules.
- Fixed setting of the Editor's page indicator chart Volume color.
- Fixed a crash in Data Download page for Windows installations that do not support UTC time zone. This problem was noticed in Windows copies designed to be used in only one country.
- Fixed misspelling of PositionPriceDependence enumeration. The option "BuyLowerSelHigher" is replaced with "BuyLowerSellHigher". The current indicators can used the older option, but we recommend the new variant for the future custom indicators.

- Added an option "Change data files time zone" in the Data Download page. When it is off, FSB keeps the original data time zone (UTC) when there is no UTC support in some Windows installations. 
- Added LTF options and vertical shift to "Previous High Low" indicator. It allows interesting settups as for example "Enter long 10 pips below the yesterdays Low".