Topic: after optimize, SL and TP don't change

I use MT4 build 880 for backtest.

before Optimize SL = 1600 and TP = 1000 and
after Optimize SL = 1200 and TP = 1400

After Optimize, I export EA and backtest on MT4. EA still use SL 1600 and TP 1000.

I don't know what I miss.

Thank you.

Re: after optimize, SL and TP don't change

Do you "Refresh" the expert advisers in MT?

FSB exports the EA source code only. It must be be compiled by MT afte rthat.
MT4 compiles the EAs by "Refreshing" the EAs list. On the other hand, MT5 recompiles the EAs only from the code editor.


It is possible the exported EA to have an suffix to its name ( Name (1) ), depending on your export settings.