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Hello to everyone,
I just dowloaded an EurUsd file data (daily) from dukascopy.
I've seen the file seems is very similar with that of metatrader, apart the data format that is different.
Anyway i cannot see these historical data on my fsb and i wonder how can i visualize it on the program?

Thank you

Re: Data Error

FSB Can import data from the DukasCopy platform jForex. See more details here: Importing JForex Data

The data files you download from History Center -> Data Download are from DukasCopy.

Re: Data Error

I got the data from Jforex platform and after the convesion i cannot still visualize the converted data correctly(see the attachments), i see a different order of data respect to classic mt4 file.

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Re: Data Error

I tried to import data from JForx.

Unfortunately I succeed with H1 data and lower only because the JForex platform doesn't allow me to change the time zone.

With the predefined time zone, JForex exports times that does correspond to the data period. For example D1 data bars are set at 02:00 instead of 00:00.

You have to ask the DukasCopy support for the issue.


Did you forget setting the delimiter to comma? I don't see the delimiter in your screenshot.

Re: Data Error

I've selected "UTC" when i downloaded the data from duskopy platform.
In the dukascopy file i see the regular commas(see the attachment), when the file became EURUSD1440 after conversion in "Jforex import" i don't see the commas anymore(previous attachment).
Anyway i tried also to copy directly the renamed file "1440" from JF folder to FSB folder but i can't see the data the same.