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Topic: Ea Error


Use CCI Oscillator Ma because Ea is imported but it comes the Fehlermedlung
See Appendix
Under indicators of CCI MA Oscillator does not exist.
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Re: Ea Error

I think you have the indicator, otherwise export wouldn't work. It says MT cannot open the compiled ex4 file. I would try again by deleting the mq4 and ex4 file in the Expert folder, then exporting the strat again and opening the mq4 file in Metaeditor and pressing the "Compile" button. If there are no errors, move on to starting it in MT.

Re: Ea Error

This sounds like the same problem I faced with the missing EX4 file I posted earlier.  It is resolved by downloading the new preview FSB OR you can down load the mql 3.0 file to replace the old one.

Re: Ea Error

Have the Ea Manually compile now it's funny.
The 1 times the have made themselves komklieren you never stop learning.
Thanks for the tips