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Topic: MQL Code v30 Preview

MQL Code v30 is available for preview.

Download link: /Link removed. The code is included in FSB v3.2.5/

Usage: Extract the archive over the User Files/MT4 Files/MQL folder.

The main goal of the update is code cleanup and fixing possible issues.

- Removed all external prerequisites for the EA: Object.mqh, StdLibWrr.mqh, ArrayObj.mqh, WinUser32.mqh, stdlib.mqh, EasyXml.mqh. Now all you need for trading the EA is contained in the exported file.
- The expert loading is faster, which can make the difference in case of recompilation and restart during trading.
- Added Min_Data_Bars parameter for the users that want increasing the number of bars loaded by the EA.
- Removed the included XML version of the strategy in the code. The strategy creation code is generated by FSB and placed directly in the EA code during the export.
- Unified the strategy trading logic code in a single file used in both MT4 and MT5 experts. This improvement guaranties the nearest possible trading behavior in both MT versions.

This EA code is completely compatible with all strategies and must trade in the exactly same way as the previous code version.

Test this code carefully on a demo account before going real.

Please report all issues you may encounter.

Trade Safe!

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Re: MQL Code v30 Preview

It works!!!  You solved my "nightmares" with regards to my missing EX4 files.  That's a tremendous help Popov. 

Thanks a zillion Popov for your proactive approach in resolving issues.

Re: MQL Code v30 Preview

'What Hannahis said'


My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....