Topic: eur/usd 5 min strategy,(uses martingale)

i dont have an opinion,this is a good strategy or bad. what do you think?

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Re: eur/usd 5 min strategy,(uses martingale)

Monte Carlo test your strategy. View for future ....

Re: eur/usd 5 min strategy,(uses martingale)

bad smile

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Re: eur/usd 5 min strategy,(uses martingale)

I still do a demo test on my EA even if the FSB results not good.  It all depends on how "sound" your trading theory is.  So no harm put it to test on demo trading to see any difference and how your EA behaves.

Try add in Convergence indicator to "stablize" the EA and Price Volume Trend to eliminate sideway trending.

Try variety of ways or version for your EA, take away the TP and see how well your EA can perform on it's own. 

Changes I've made to your EA
1. I change your 69/6 to 69/9
2. I added in convergence for 69/9 for 5 min
3. I removed your TP and leave it blank
4. I use "closed and reverse" as the closing option

With the above changes, your EA looks good.  Now let's test it on demo trading and also with your original one for observation.

I'm also making versions for 1min time chart so that I can add convergence for the 1min chart and other alteration and also make the EA respond faster.  I may consider removing the martingale cos' personally I don't like to use it.

I'll run a demo test on your modified EA and if it looks good, I'll email you the version smile Please PM me your email address.

Re: eur/usd 5 min strategy,(uses martingale)

Hi I've PM you on some aspects to look into for your EA.