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FDX Ticksize 0,25 Tickvalue 6,25 Euro That means 1 FDX Point is 25 Euro
FGBL Ticksize 0,01 Tickvalue 10 Euro

How to put these settings into the FSB? It seems to be not possible using the Symbol page. But without there is a wrong calculation in the account stats

Re: Symbol settings

Yes, Forex Strategy Builder is designed to use the forex rules, where TickValue parameter is pointless. You  can either play with the Account Exchange Rate or to simply scale the stats manually. It is not so big issue because the most important parameters use stats in points. Actually the most important things are the balance curve shape, the count of ambiguous bars, win/loss ratio, Sharpe ratio, system quality number... These params do not depend on the TickValue.

Other option is to scale the lot size. Another one is to use stats in points.

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Re: Symbol settings

Ok, thank you.
Calculation in points means: FDX digits 2; that means 1 Point is 0,01 Tick and because of 0,25 Ticksize = 6,25 Euro
1Point = 0,25 Euro