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I am beginning to learn about Forex. So, I want to find to tool to speed up my learning process. After some research, I found out 2 tools. That is your software and Forex Tester 2. Can you show me what advantages of forexsb compare to Forex Tester 2 ?

I am really more interested your software than Forex Tester 2 because you have monthly subscribe big_smile. Thank you very much. Sorry if my English is not good smile

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Hello truongtamgio,

I'm really not so familiar with Strategy Tester. I've tried it in the past for a very short time. I think it is something like a "player" that plays the history data and you can watch it (if you have missed watching it in real) and can set indicators and you can trade in the same way as it is a demo account. It can play the market with different speed, so you can make it faster, when the market is slow and you are inpatient to wait it to develop. I'm not sure if it can trade experts on past time as a backester.

FSB is very different in design and purpose. In FSB you spend your time in developing a strategy of indicators. The program backests this strategy in real time and you see the result of the historical test. When you created, tested and analyzed the strategy, you can export it as an Expert Advisor and trade it via MetaTrader. FSB has also automatic strategy generator, optimizer and many other tools for evaluation of a strategy. 

I'n not sure, but the Forex Tester may be more suitable for the first steps in the Fx trading. You can use it to play on the market even on Saturday and Sunday. However I don't see much value in it for an intermediate or seasoned fx trader.
On the other hand, FSB requires some knowledge for the market and indicators.

Fortunately, I'll start a new video series for trading with MT and creating EAs with FSB next week. I'll cover the whole a bunch of stuff with greater details. You may find it useful.

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Hello Popov,

Thank you very much for detail explaining. I will download a free version and buy your product soon smile

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I just became a licensed member recently.
I hope you have purchased FSB.
I am still discovering the wonders of FSB .
I have good reason to believe that Dr Popov loves FSB like we would love our children :what separates FSB from all others is the way members are treated like individuals. which is why his pricing is so generous.