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Topic: How to eliminate Side way Trending or Weak Trend

Hi Ahmedalhoseny,

Thank you for creating the Price Volume Trend indicator, I've added this indicator to my trading strategy and it improved my results tremendously.  In the past, I've been trying to find suitable indicators to eliminate side way trending or "false signals" whereby the price movement is not significant to warrant a change in trend.  Now with your PVT indicator, I finally have solved my problem and hence increase my EA entry accuracy by reducing "false entry" during divergence or weak PVT.  Thanks once again for your kind effort to create this indicator to be used in the FSB Pro.

http://www.onlinetradingconcepts.com/Te … Trend.html

Ps: I've also read about Money flow Divergence Indicator which is good for detecting a weak trend or signal a possible change of trend (or avoid open a position during divergence period).  Is this indicator the same as the Money flow indicator? (I don't think so but just want to check).  Can anyone won't mind create the Money flow Indicator Divergence for FSB Pro?

http://www.onlinetradingconcepts.com/Te … ndex2.html

Re: How to eliminate Side way Trending or Weak Trend

do we just use the indicator or can you give any other tips?

Re: How to eliminate Side way Trending or Weak Trend

Hi Pradeep,

I do realised that eliminating "false signal" or side way trending may be one of the challenges you may be facing, based on the indicators you have shared so far.  I think the challenge to transfer your manual trading into auto trading is that, in manual trading, you are trained (after so many years) to see and factor in tons of  information at a glance and hence, know when to enter a trade manually.  And when it comes to auto trading, it is transferring all these "little" details of what you see into conditions/instructions/rules in order for the EA to trade like the way you trade.

I do see the beauty of your trading strategy (based on the little infor you shared), I'm working on your trading strategy and see whether I can improve it.  I'll share with you, once I get the results that I can count on.

As for the use of the indicator mentioned here...there is no hard and fast rules, it all depends on what other "main indicators" you are using and this indicator is to "support" the "main/primary" indicators where you make your main decision when to enter into the market and this Price Vol indicator is to eliminate those times when the trend isn't strong enough to signify a change in Trend.