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Topic: Binary Strategy, Help!

Good afternoon! Help me to solve this problem: I want to create a strategy for trading binary options from the terminal MT4. Broker "Grand Capital" provides this type of service. There specifics. Instead, the size of orders in lots, it is necessary to write the amount of currency, for example: Lot 10.20 - $10.20. The maximum amount for a deal - $ 5000. With that I coped by simply replacing the values manually in the final strategy. There is another condition that would indicate the time of expiration, it is necessary to write in the comments to the order value in minutes from 1 to 2880. Example: Opening orders EURUSD sum of $150 for the period expiration of 15 minutes. http://s12.postimg.org/tumsxmpex/2015_09_15_22_47_13.jpg Here my knowledge is not enough. Tell me please where in the code, I need to write (something?), that would be possible to change comments to the order in the settings of expert advisor in MT4?

Thanks in advance!

By the way. That would create a strategy for the different expiration time, I used to close the position indicator  "Exit Interval". And faced with the problem my FSB did not want to generate a strategy with this indicator.

And as with other indicators, although they are loaded!

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Re: Binary Strategy, Help!

It is an interesting situation. Forex Strategy Builder was not designed to trade in such rules.

I'll take a look and may find a way to make it working.

Re: Binary Strategy, Help!

I added a new field in the Expert Advisors properties - Custom order comment.

Now our Expert Advisors can trade binary options.


I'll publish an open early release version on Saturday. It will include this update also.

Stay tuned and Trade Safe!

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This is wonderful!) Thank you very much! I will wait with impatience!))) To create strategies for different time expiration, it is still better to use the "Exit Interval" indicator? Or how best to configure the options in the FSB to create this kind of strategies? In the process of creating strategy we are not interested in how much profit it will bring , we are interested in the number of positive versus negative deals! And we need to figure out what time of expiration will bring the best results?

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We cannot simulate the Binary Options performance well in FSB, however the Win/Loss ratio and consecutive losses are correct.

We'll make a video for Binary Options next week. For now you can set zero spread, commission in "Money", no SL, no TP, no adding and reducing. Use "Bar closing" for Closing Point and "N Bars exit" for Closing  Logic Condition. Set the expiration as a number of bars. For example if you want to close in 30 min. Set N bars exit = 30 for M1 chart or N bars exit = 6 for M5 chart.

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Miroslav good day! I have another question about how to tune the binary strategy. As I understand when we generating or optimizing strategy the FSB PRO first of all looking for profitable strategy (when the net balance is positive) and in the second, all other characteristics. As we talking before, for binary options first of all we need the highest win/loss ratio, that's means in some cases the success strategy for trading binary options, may have negative balance on FSB chart. Can you make maybe "check box" which will switch between forex/binary algorithm? So in the binary algorithm we can concentrate on win/loss parameter and FSB PRO will find more success strategy (no mater will it profitable or not). Thanks!

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I considered modifications of FSB in order to make it suitable for backtesting binary options strategies but unfortunately I found it not so easy. The problem is that the profit calculation model is different. The fx profit/loss is calculated as a difference between the position's closing and opening prices minus a spread. On the other hand, the binary option profit is a pay-out rate * option amount where the loss is the full size of the amount. There is also a difference in the strategy structure. There are no SL, TP levels or custom exits for the options. The only valid exit is an option expiration.

All these modifications are possible, but it is more suitable to make a separate program for that purpose. I may do it if more brokers start offering binary options automatic trading with expert advisors.

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Ok, here are some brokers that allow's us to trade binary options in MT4:


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https://binex.ru (strange guys)But tech support said that they trade BO in MT4 realized)


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But perhaps there may not be easy, many brokers provide plug-ins for MT4 to trade BO. And perhaps the installation algorithm of EA in MT4 to each broker is an individual... For me it is difficult to know, I'm not a programmer.