Topic: How many EA on one MT4?

How EA EA have opened the most on a single platform MT 4?
I'm already running 47 x EA? And I wonder what is the limit?
Currently it uses 1.5 GB of RAM (8GB of RAM available) and 30-50% CPU.

I set up in MT4 Max bars in history / chart - on 5000bars

Do you have any idea yet on MT4 optimizations to make it the best?

Re: How many EA on one MT4?

The latest version of EA code is optimized for using lower number of bars. However, some indicators that use Exponential MAs need more bar. The EA loads as many bars as necessary in order to make the indicator value stable. The loaded bars from an EA may reach to 3000 in such cases.

Therefore, the resources needed depend on the number of EAs and the number and the type of the indicators used.

There are two main dangers when using a greater number of EAs (lets say, more than 10):
- Lag in execution - the EAs execute orders synchronously. That means. if an EA sends an order, the other EAs are waiting until the first EA receives a respond form the server. When the first order is completed, the next EA with an order will proceed. If it happens that several EAs trade on one price (lats say Bar Opening), the execution of multiple orders may delay.
- EA interference - It is possible (in rare circumstances) an order form one EA to be seen and modified (closed...) from another EA trading on the same chart. I'm not sure when it happens but it was reported in the forum from at least one user.

I have no personal experience with trading more than 12 experts, so I think other users may give a more relevant respond. 

Please study your system well before starting a real trade.

Trade Safe!

Re: How many EA on one MT4?

All EA I set for D1 and H4 will be gentle so if this delay does not bother me. For now all EA ran on 0,01lot after a month check that the inputs from real accounts will be confirmed with results in backtestach in the FSB, if any will be significantly different if EA ends up in the trash.

Re: How many EA on one MT4?

I install maximum 99 EAs on one metatrader.

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It is possible to install 30 Metatrader on one i7 3770 with 32GB Ram.
Every metatrader can contain 99 EAs.

The biggest problem is to find profitable EAs.

One Idear is to generate many EAs and install this all.
Take the 10 best and trade this EAs.

But this doesnt work.

this is mathematical problem.
I don´t know to solve this.

Re: How many EA on one MT4?

tnickel wrote:

I install maximum 99 EAs on one metatrader.

WOW 99EA !