Topic: Partial close, Fivo levels

I want to do the following strategy:

I enter the market with X lot (say in buying direction)
I wait until some retracement takes place (say candle color is red, and some other indies show this)
Then I consider sell the Y% of the contract if the retracement is greater than Fibo level S1, then Z% 
if the retracement is greater than Fibo level S2, etc.

Is it possible to set up this set of rules with the current version?

Re: Partial close, Fivo levels

When there is fulfilled closing logic, the strategy closes the full position. This is by design - "Hard to enter, easy to exit".
The only way to make partial exit is by setting up proper entry conditions with adding and reducing.


Fibonacci indicator repaints the signals. It is dangerous. It is so dangerous for the users accounts that we removed it from the program 5 years ago.