Topic: Grid strategy

I wish to implement a grid strategy with forexsb? Using indicators as signals for entry and exit, is this possible? Or we limited to standard technical systems?

Re: Grid strategy

You can use all possible signals and entries based on price actions in FSB. The only limitation is that the program can make one entry in a direction per bar. That means you can do the following actions per bar:

At Bar Opening:
- transfer a previously open position (automatically)
- add to/reduce/reverse a transferred position
- open a new long / short position
- close at Margin Call

During the bar
- add to/reduce/reverse a transferred position
- close a transferred position at indicator/SL/TP/BE/Trailing Stop
- open a new long/short position
- close a newly open position at indicator/SL/TP/BE/Trailing Stop
- close at Margin Call

At Bar Closing
- close a position
- open a new long/short position
- add to/reduce/reverse a position
- let the position continue to the next bar (default)

The available signals are defined in the indicators components as follow:

namespace ForexStrategyBuilder.Infrastructure.Enums
    public enum IndComponentType
        OpenLongPrice,   // Contains the long positions opening price.
        OpenShortPrice,  // Contains the short positions opening price.
        OpenPrice,       // Contains the long or short positions opening price.
        CloseLongPrice,  // Contains the long positions closing price.
        CloseShortPrice, // Contains the short positions closing price.
        ClosePrice,      // Contains the long or short positions closing price.
        OpenClosePrice,  // SlotTypes.Close or SlotTypes.Close
        IndicatorValue,  // It's not a signal or opening / closing price
        AllowOpenLong,   // Long positions opening signal
        AllowOpenShort,  // Short positions opening signal
        ForceCloseLong,  // Long positions closing signal
        ForceCloseShort, // Short positions closing signal
        ForceClose,      // Long or Short positions closing signal