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Have Pepperstone should be the 1 min in the Histori update?

Have a copy of Pepper Stone made and wanted the courses updating but in 5 or other periods except 1 min chart are not there more like 30,000 Course.

The same account (guess have the 1 Min courses update) there I get courses from 100,000

What can you do ?

Would like to have 50,000 courses?

Thank Pit

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Re: history courses

You can try increasing the number of bars in the history center.

Go to Tools -> Options and "Charts" tab.

Set a big number in the "Max bars in history"

Go to History Center F2
Select your symbol and delete all data for all periods. (Select first row, scroll down and Shift+Click the last row. "Delete")
Return to M1 period and "Download" data.
When the data are downloaded, double click on all periods.

This will make MT refreshing all local data.
Warning: The data you downloaded will not be from your broker but from Metaquotes.

My favorite method is to load data from the chart instead from the History Center:
- Go to the required chart.
- Zoom Out to max Ctrl + -
- Press and keep pressed the "Home" key. It will make the chart scrolling left and loading data.

MetaTrader loads the chart data from the broker instead of the Metaquotes server. This is what we need for testing Expert Advisors.

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Re: history courses

Thanks for the help

Yes, different courses have from the same account Pepperstone courses loaded with Download or so from the chart.

And then the Journal of the different courses gespeichter a big difference!

How do you do now 1 Update of the courses as well as in the video?

Will the new files appended when using HST Import?

Can it be that you no longer like 30,700 data for 5 minutes gets from the server.

1 min are 50,000 data.

Thank Pit