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Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v3.1, Expert Advisors v25 - Early Access

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.1 is available for early access.

You are welcome to experience the new features, fixes and bugs.

Changes in FSB:
- Added search in Indicators repository;
- Indicators repository shows only the indicators with EA support by default;
- Fixed translation of statistic panels in Multi-Market page
- Fixed the code of Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator  wrong implementation of the smoothing method
- Fixed the initial position of the Indicator Chart.
- Fixed minor issues.

Expert Advisors code v25
- Fixed  Commodity Channel Index indicator
- Fixed possible crash of the expert when a LTF indicator requires more bars than the main time frame.
- The Expert Advisors show the required data and the number of bars at loading. It helps to identify the problem when the expert stops due to a shortage of data.

Trade safe!



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