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Have Pepperstone a broker EUR USD 0.05 Commission if I increase of 0.01 bsp EurUsd Lots to 0.05 is not changed in backtester.

I have an error in the setting of the Commission?

Current settings

Commision 0.05

Thank Pit

Re: Ecn Broker

Your commission is set per "Deal". That means it charges $0.05 when you open a deal. The balance doesn't change when you change the lot size because the number of deals remains the same.

If you want the commission charged to depend on the number of lots, you have to set it per "Lot" instead of per "Deal".

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Re: Ecn Broker

Thank you

Works with other currencies bsp GBPUSD, EURJPY

But not there with Eurusd too little is calculated.

With EUR USD 0.05 0.22 Lots are displayed in the journal under distribution.

Normal it must be 0.25 + spread.

No commission will be used for this purpose but the spread increased but comes out to the same.

Thank Pit