Topic: Multi Markets / Add market

In the last version of FSB Pro ( Multi Markets window is redesigned, allowing more interesting options. As FSB is functioning now, pushing button “Add Market” adds (each time) same EURUSD pair, and you have to change it manually to any pair you wish. And this adding step has to be repeated for each new strategy you want to check. This is very time consuming process. A simple change could do this process more convenient – pushing the “Add market” will add next pair in the list and not EURUSD default pair.

Another simplification could be to have possibility to save edited markets to something like “Default Markets” which could be reloaded and reused at some later time. It could be similar to “Save the current strategy as template” and “Open a new strategy from a template”, but called “Save the current Markets list as a template” and “Reload the Markets Template”.

Re: Multi Markets / Add market

Yes, you are right. I'll make the program saving and recovering the last markets list.
I think to save the markets list as per the main strategy market. In that way even if you open another strategy for the same market, it will reload the last markets set for this main market. The program can remember the last 20 combinations.