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Topic: Cheap (VPS?) options to begin live testing multiple EAs 24/7

I'm at the stage where I want to start to live test multiple EAs on multiple MT4 installs but can't justify big expenses at this early learning unprofitable stage.

On my laptop an MT4 install running 12 x FSB EAs is using 1.7gb Ram and an MT4 install with a few charts and no EAs is using 170mb ram. So, e.g. 4 x MT4 installs with 12 x EAs each = 6.8gb ram

Running 12 x EAs was very interesting and gave me the idea that a 'portfolio' of EAs may be a viable risk reduction strategy (like an investment portfolio of 20 diverse stocks vs. 1 or 2 stocks)

Maybe the FSB Trader module is much less memory intensive and trade execution is acceptable and I need to try this?

The many free or cheap VPS offerings online are a confusing minefield with various specs and convoluted T&Cs and obligations and hidden costs e.g. to open trading accounts with minimum balances, minimum trading volume etc with unknown brokers.

I have been recommended BeeksFX.com as a professional level solution, but for GBP25 p.m. you only get 1.3gb ram; and 5gb ram is GBP80 p.m. Using my weak South African currency currently at ZAR19.3 / 1 GBP = ZAR1542 per month.

I have a stable 3.5mbps download speed and only 0.44mbps upload speed unlimited data usage internet access at my 'work from home' office.
I tested 1 x MT4 install with 12 EAs running 24/7 last week and it worked great, but it's not very practical on my work laptop with limited resources (i7 with 4gb ram - yes I know I also need more ram for FSB)
I have no idea how much bandwidth MT4 uses set up as described and if what I have would be sufficient.

I'm thinking unless there is some cheap VPS options someone can suggest providing the required ram usage, my most cost effective solution may well be to invest in an additional i5 or i7 laptop with 8gig ram - which would be paid for after 6 or 7 months at e.g. GBP80 p.m. using my home office internet access.

Or, maybe I need to be less 'ambitious but rubbish' (Top Gear quote) and selective about which EAs to live test.

Any input is much appreciated.

Thanks you

Re: Cheap (VPS?) options to begin live testing multiple EAs 24/7

VPS is a great idea, but it can have problems as well - most of I've heard is downtime due to some malfunctions or they start changing/updating software in the middle of the week or similar! The choice is even narrower if actual trading-suitable VPS's are on the table. For these reasons I would build a home center for trading, I've read some chaps have even back-up power and net connections if they fail and another trading server on the other side of the country ready to take trading over if worst of worse happens.
Only thing to look out for is the net connection IMO, newer MT builds seem to be more demanding bandwidth wise, but I cannot prove this with facts.
Share your progress if possible, wise learn from others mistakes wink

Re: Cheap (VPS?) options to begin live testing multiple EAs 24/7

Anyone heard about Cloud hosting eg Amazon...I wonder how viable it is for MT4 trading.

Ps: Vidagig, did you receive my PM?

Re: Cheap (VPS?) options to begin live testing multiple EAs 24/7

I am skeptical about VPS as you are not assured that they will provide what you are paying for. Other people have experiences that they will reduce your processing power whenever they want, they will have you sharing resources... and, as Footon says, they mess around with their systems on your dime

Best choice, to me, would be a new machine, or a couple used machines.

I have a laptop that is old for running strategies.

Keep the charts small, minimum number of bars, keep the data bases small also.

Just my opinion.


My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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Re: Cheap (VPS?) options to begin live testing multiple EAs 24/7

I agree with your views on the benefits of independence.

The recommendation of BeeksFX as an institutional grade VPS provider comes from a proven trusted source.
But the GBP 80 p.m. for the apparently required system resources will pay for a useful decent 2nd laptop and spare battery in a few months.

Absent any other solid recommendations, I've better things to do than deal with the multitude of dodgy looking VPS offerings I see out there.

The Amazon Cloud 'free' hosting may be worth a try but it may be complicated for a non-techie - certainly the T&Cs fine print is; and there might be unintended costs.

Comments show some of the issues

Thanks for your help and support, it's appreciated.