Topic: Generator (and Optimizer) memory usage

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Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, if so I couldn't find it. I did note the suggestions regarding setting the number of 'threads' to 1; and minimizing logic slots and selected indicators - in a similar Generator memory question.

Firstly, I'm no computer tech expert and I was told previously that my 2012 i7 laptop with 4 gig ram is a bit underpowered these days for a memory intensive application like FSB Generator; and I'm working on a ram upgrade.

I first demo'd FSB in Sept 2014 and I don't recall noticing Generator or Optimizer memory problem then, so I'm wondering if there may be some memory usage issues with the recent version e.g. if it's become more demanding as its complexity has increased or if a problem has crept in somewhere.

Currently, even with the Generator on the bare minimum slots and indicators (set on 1 thread) it starts off OK but gradually within an hour or two the laptop becomes increasingly sluggish and unusable until eventually I have to manually crash it with the power button to restart. Then it requires a second restart to get Win 7 running clean again. My poor baby is getting repeatedly thrashed and I'm concerned about potential Operating System or even Hardware damage - is this a valid concern?

I get the impression that as the Generator (or the Optimizer) works, FSB uses more and more ram with no limitations until it eventually overwhelms the computer. Perhaps it has what I've seen referred to as a 'memory leak'.

I noticed in a recent demo of StrategyQuant's Generator - which also had a similar similarly sluggish effect, there's a button to clear memory while the generator is working which helps a bit.

Ideas from a non-techie (try not to laugh too loud)
- Perhaps there is some (recent) Generator and Optimizer memory usage issue to review.
- Perhaps FSB could utilize temp files that are automatically deleted instead of holding everything in ram (if that's what it does).
- Perhaps some user control to set and limit FSB's memory usage within the constraints of the user's computer.
- Perhaps a 'delete cache button' or 'auto cache clearing'.

I expect the verdict will be 'just throw more ram at the problem' (which is the reply I got to a similar recent question), but the helpful input here is always much appreciated. Also, I thought this feedback may be of some use.

Thank you

Re: Generator (and Optimizer) memory usage

on my system right now I am running 4 instances of the generator and my Ram usage is 3.65 and it has been that way  for
3.5 hours....

Each generator instance can have 2 closing logic and 5 opening logic and they are jumping around as different configurations are built.

Earlier this morning I cleared out the unused data, I think it is called unused history data, by opening the 'settings' on the generator page.

And I have the 'Wise Memory Optimizer' program running.

So. there is no huge memory leak, FSBPro does not eat Ram chips (Popov grows carrots to feed them), FSBPro is actually pretty tidy, a lot of work was done earlier in its life re memory and resource usage.

Your Ram may be a little small. You may be using a lot of indicators that will require temporary storage for calculations.

Keep in mind that Windows uses about 2 gig when it loads, leaving you with very little space. And you may have other stuff that autostarts.

Interesting is that I have a laptop with 2 gig ram and I run FSBPro on it as well as a couple MT4. I have to be careful, but it does work. 

So, in answer to your main query, the difficulty is not with FSBPro, perhaps you are able to do some frequent house keeping on your machine to allow you to run the program successfully.


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Re: Generator (and Optimizer) memory usage

Hi Dave

Thanks for your helpful reply. I will get more ram.
In the meantime I now save & restart pre-emptively if necessary.

Re: Generator (and Optimizer) memory usage

I think I will get more ram for my laptop also, maybe I have to asses as to whether I need a new one......

Popov mentioned that he has 8 gig and that is plenty.... that could be the guideline.

You mention Strategy Quant and several others have mentioned it in the various threads. I have a couple comments.....

It is very limited as to indicators and their application compared to FSBPro, I would not like to be importing all of the variations that FSBPro provides into Strategy Quant, it would take a month to do so. The Multi Market tool in FSBPro is soooooooo much faster than Strategy Quant optimization/searching/robust tool. I find it a lot easier to test in Multi markets and adjust the strategy a bit instead of waiting for a week to see if a strategy works. The data download conversion thing to me is most irritating, FSBPro is a one click solution for several pairs.

and yes, some people have had success with Strategy Quant, having spent the hours, and I have spent the hours with FSBPro and had success.... and FSBPro costs a hell of a lot less!

Lastly....... support.....  Strategy Quant is sooooo slow to reply to their forum whereas Popov is sooo fast...... and he will issue a revision promptly whereas Strategy Quant issues one or two a year.  HUGE DIFFERENCE!  Popov will even delve into a 'How to' to make something work for a person whereas Marc Frick is reluctant to spend the time to elaborate.

Further. the EA analyzer has the same errors in it as it had two years ago, some simple arithmetic errors.....

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....