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Can I use the Daily Open Indicator only on a daily basis?

In 5 Min Ea comes only on Monday a trade nothing else.

Thank Pit

Re: Day Open

Day Open must work with all time frames. However, I found an issue with that indicator when the expert is started in off-market hours.
The problem comes from the fact that the expert uses first 3 ticks after the start for establishing configurations and indicators. It prevents unexpected entries at the start-up due to incomplete indicators.
This behavior reflects on the Day Opening and Bar Opening indicators when an expert is run at none-24/5 markets as DAX during the off hours. When the market opens, the expert doesn't trade in first 3 ticks. On the 4th tick it starts trading but the current price is already different than the bar Open, therefore the expert misses the entries.

I have ideas to fix such cases and will provide a solution soon.

Re: Day Open

Thank you so comes an update from the Indi.

Lg Pit