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I have been less than gentle with my criticism of Metatrader brokers and I am aware that some people trust their lovely broker implicitly.

On another board, Metatrader brokers are referred to as 'crims' or criminals.

And still the unaware trust their broker.

Here is one of the lovely tools that the Metatrader brokers use to scam their customers. … ver-plugin

I have made my point.

If you feel you are going to 'drain the bank' with fast trades please rethink, the sharks will be waiting.

Hopefully you are now aware as to what you are dealing with when using MT4.

And you should also be aware that Popov has made a software that is far more accurate than anything the local Mt4 or Mt5 can produce.

A person has to wonder why Metaquotes software does not give better statistics for their backtests, that should be the first clue. They do not want the tester to know how awful his stategy is so that he feels confident to trade a real account and blow his account and top it up next week and the week following.

And for that reason. Popov has designed something that analyzes every aspect thoroughly.

If you think you have any reason whatsoever to trust your Mt4 broker implicitly, just do a google search and have a read. They have numerous tricks that they play on the unsuspecting as well as the seasoned trader.

I could add more details as to how they cheat, suffice to say they are highly motivated to cheat and we should all be very careful.


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See also here: Virtual Dealer :

The first Option of this plugin is DelaySecs, which sets a delay time for orders execution from 0 to 10 seconds.