Topic: Indicators / Strategy Building Using FSBPro / Documentation

In the past few days, Footon created a certain indicator by request for one of our users. Here is what I observed..... Footon wanted to know precisely what was needed,, his client presented great detail, they quickly went back and forth and apparently the client seems quite satisfied.

The client was specific as to his needs, he understood the result he wanted and conveyed that clearly.

It took Footon little time to create what was requested..

The point I am making is that the client had studied his requirements and was able to communicate those. He is not wasting his time or Footon's time with some vague proposal and the job was completed almost immediately once the information was exchanged.

The client will not be loading 30 indicators into FSBPro and hoping that he gets a solution from the generator. He is obviously prepared, has studied his charts and knows exactly what he wants as a trade.

And that is why he could get Footon to create exactly what he needed.

So much for that.

Lets have a look at FSBpro, we have slots for

Opening Point of the Position

Opening Logic

Closing Point of the Position

Closing Logic

In addition we have Strategy Properties which includes

Stop Loss

Take Profit

Break even

Today, we can conceivably load 16 slots with indicators plus 2 for opening and closing point.

That is 18 slots and in addition we have the protection slots. for a total of 21.

Lets assume that each of those has 5 variables.

As you can see, this can demand a lot of processing, computers can run for hours to generate a useable result.

And if we do not have the slots chained or locked, the generator will be substituting all nature of indicators and increasing the processing time.

Ultimately, in my experience, the result will be a mess that will not work for more than a day or two. a waste of time!

There is a saying in the computer industry 'Garbage in = Garbage out'.

Use your computer time judiciously, plan the work load carefully, you will get far better results.

Lay out a chart with whatever indicators you feel appropriate and load those, forget about the 'Throw crap against the wall and hope something sticks' approach..

People will be tempted when a new version of the program is issued to load 10 or 15 or 20 slots and hope to get something worthwhile - NO WAY.

You will be wasting your time and then asking for help to resolve your mess.

Best approach is to lay out a chart to get the results you require and then use the generator to refine it.