Topic: Break Even not working at all

Hi Popov,

Sorry for keep highlighting this issue about Break Even (BE) not working.

Just need to know whether in the next update, this issue will be fixed, cos it's important for me as a lot of my EA were in profit and then go into SL but if the BE is working, it wouldn't be in SL but would have closed at BE.  That's a lot of difference between closing at SL compare to closing at Break Even. 

Just need to hear from you that you are addressing this Break Even issue in the coming update.


PS: I don't think it is my EA issue.  Because the same EA were working fine in the past (January) but after the update after January, they are not working anymore.  Furthermore, can't be that the BE is not working now in all my EA.

Re: Break Even not working at all

I'm preparing now a new release. I'll try to address and fix this issue also.

If everything is going well the new version will be uploaded on Saturday.

Re: Break Even not working at all

I'm starting several EAs with BR running now. If the problem is in the MQL code, I'll update it ass soon I fix the problem.

Re: Break Even not working at all

The bug with Break Even is confirmed. I found a solution and will publish an update within one hour.
The problem is only in the MQL code, so it will be immediately available for updates.

Re: Break Even not working at all

Wow Popov, thanks a zillion.  I'm so grateful, otherwise it is painful to see my EA making profit but then goes into great loss becos BE not working.

Thanks once again for such prompt action.

Re: Break Even not working at all

Yes, the BE is working perfectly....