Topic: TeamViewer program on the remote computer

I am trying to setup a system described in Mr. Popov’s Web Seminars and Youtube films. One piece of this setup, to create proper trading milieu, is to control dedicated remote computer (which will run only SFB trading program) with help of TeamViewer on my “traveling” laptop.
In his seminars Mr. Popov instructed how to secure the remote computer against power failure and other interruptions (making remote computer to auto start necessary programs automatically on restart – FSB Pro and Meta Trader programs). Also on this remote computer screen saver and sleep mode have to be disabled.
But to be able to control the remote computer with TeamViewer program, it is necessary to know password generated on the remote computer on each restart.   TeamViewer program on my “traveling” laptop computer will request me to enter this password on start of the connection session to confirm that I have rights to connect to the remote computer. And this password is visible only on the screen of the remote computer – the screen which I cannot see when being away on a journey, away from my home.

This problem is a little bit outside FSB issues, but I hope that you (my fellow FSB travelers) will not protest – it has some connection to FSB project.

Is it possible in some way to solve this problem?

Re: TeamViewer program on the remote computer

Study Teamviewer well and you will see the solution.

I know you like to stimulate discussions and all, but you have to do some homework.

Teamviewer is simple to operate.

Re: TeamViewer program on the remote computer

Mr. Blaiserboy and other readers,

I have discussed this issue with one of my knowledgeable friends here and he explained for me nuances of the TeamViewer inner working.

TeamViewer will allow setting up of so called “personal password” which can be used on my “traveling” computer to always access remote computer.

I promise, in the future, to wait at least one day, before asking questions on this forum.

Mea Culpa.