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I need BBSqueeze MQH / mql to create an Expert file.
Could you please convert the indicator?

thank you

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perhaps you will attach the MT4 indicator

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Oh, a totally normal completion, all indicators available in the network including conversion for use as Expert Advisor, I think is useful.


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well, you can ask Footon to convert whatever indicators you want and you may have to pay a fee for each one.

Myself, I have found the existing supply to be adequate so far.

Another alternative for you would be to learn how to convert the indicators yourself, I have not yet done that although I am thinking about learning.

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here the same problem as see:

hier gleiches problem wie siehe:

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well....... there are a couple hundred indicators available in the system, and 4  to 7 variations within each indicator....., which is a lot of alternatives...... then there is the logical operators....... so that indicators can be combined for certain effects..... and you can have up to 54 slots open so you can be most creative...

I have seen recently that Popove has taken strategies that people have posted, which strategies almost work except for minor things..... then Popov has shown how to make it work or actually modified or created an indicator... and he does that very quickly.

The big thing is.... the trader submitted a complete strategy and pointed out the problem so that Popov had something to work with.

Yavor and Footon are pretty quick to help people who submite a strategy also.

So.......... start building your strategy........ explore the indicators that are available..... build the thing as far as you can and then post it and ask for help.

In the past couple years I have emailed Popov or messaged him many times, the fastest response came when I attached pictures and strategies.....  Often he has replied within an hour.

Somehow a post demanding something vague never gets a reply.

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I just read a thread in the Premium Club........ there are 15 posts, and the most recent post says 'Post a picture or strategy'.

That seems to be what is required to get action!

I have given you several alternatives, the decision is yours.