Topic: EA don't work in MT4

I generated a strategey on eurusd pair using the generator and optimizer with good results in forex strategy builder.when trying to test the EA in MT4 it stop running and don't pass the test with error array out of range.
Attached the generated EA.
Thank you.

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Re: EA don't work in MT4

Thank you for the report.

I reproduced the bug and I'll try to include a fix in the update I'm planning for tomorrow.

Re: EA don't work in MT4

Actually I'm receiving the following message in the Journal:

OBOS MA Oscillator EURUSD M5Wrong MovingAverage parameters(Period: 186, Shift: 0, Source bars: 101)

It means that the MT History Tester has 101 bars but the OBOS MA Oscillator requires 186 bars to calculate the MA.
When I changed the "From" date of the test. The History Center run normally. It is not an issue of the expert.

Re: EA don't work in MT4

You can fix the problem by downloading data from the History Center - F2

Re: EA don't work in MT4

Thank you for your response.
Would you please give me a step by step explanation of what I have to do.
I downloaded the data yesterday before generating the project.
Where I have to change the from date:in the generator or in MT?
Thank you

Re: EA don't work in MT4

You can use the first part of this tutorial: Importing MT4 HST Data for info how to make MT4 loading historical data.

When the data are loaded, open the MT4 Historical Tester and set the testing data.

Re: EA don't work in MT4

I followed your suggestions.I was able to test the EA in MT from 10/01/2015 till 21/01/2015 successfuly.This test took around 100 minutes to complete although the data is previously downloaded.Is this normal?I tested many EA which took only few minutes.
Thank you for your help