Topic: Trailing stop value too small!

I wanted to create a strategy using the trailing stop for the index "DE30", where the average size of a daily candle is 10500 points, but I realized that the maximum setting for the trailing is 5000 points, a value too small!
It would be possible to increase this value so you can use even with instruments that have this great volatility?

Re: Trailing stop value too small!

Hello Morningbull,

You can easily customize the Trailing Stop indicator in order to increase the limits.

You can find the source codes here: … tribution/

Edit the Trailing Stop indicator. Change line 70

IndParam.NumParam[0].Max = 5000;


IndParam.NumParam[0].Max = 50000;

Put the indicator in User Files\Indicators folder.
Allow indicator overriding in Control Panel.

When you reload the custom indicators, you'll be able to set up to 50000 points stop.

Re: Trailing stop value too small!

Many thanks Mr. Popov, now I can also use the indeces !!

Re: Trailing stop value too small!

One great thing about FSBPro is that the developer and administrator and a few others are constanlty monitoring the posts in here and attempting to give rapid solutions and share insights.

By comparison. the competitor will allow your post to set for three weeks and offer nest to nil in the way of a solution.

We can all be grateful for the support.

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