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I recently downloaded Forex Strategy Builder and I'm having some trouble testing a strategy with it (I am a bit technically challenged anyway ). The strategy I'm testing is a 24-hour period, high-low breakout kind of thing on USD/JPY. I draw lines at the high and the low from 7pm to 7pm EST and then set a pending buy 10 pips above the high and a pending sell 10 pips below the low... 1 to 1 R:R so TP is 10 pips and SL is 10 pips. I'm trying to determine how these parameters would've performed historically, but I can't seem to set things right in the FSB program. Does anyone have any tips or know of a better suited program?

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Hello Nico1359,

I see your post is a bit old, but it is the first time I run into it. I was able to re-create your strategy following your instructions. Here is what it looks like in Forex Strategy Builder

I used the Hourly High Low indicator. It allows us to calculate the high and low lines. I also set the Vertical Shift to 100 points, which corresponds to 10 pips for 5 digits brokers. I also put the Stop Loss and Take Profit at 100 points, which is also 10 pips.

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I don't like that you have to set the time from 19:01 to 19:00. It should be from 19:00 to 19:00 and the indicator must work correctly.
I'll check it tomorrow. If there is a bug, I'll make an update to both FSB and MQL indicators.