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Topic: New User Orientation Webinar

Hello dear users,

We are starting a series of free webinars in order to help you get familiar with our products faster and painless.

The first seminar is scheduled for Saturday 15th November 2014.

Webinar start 03:00 PM London Time


First part (about 45 minutes)
- Installation of Forex Strategy Builder Professional and FSB-MT4 Bridge
- Loading history data
- How to receive help and support
- User interface overview
- Initial account setting
- Strategy structure overview
- Strategy properties
- Building a demo strategy
- Strategy Generator
- Connecting to MetaTrader
- Start automatic trade

Second part (about 15 minutes)
- Questions and Answers

Please signed up here: New User Orientation

Re: New User Orientation Webinar

Thanks to all attendees.

Here is a record of the webinar.