Topic: Minimum profit per day

I have as the sole criterium "minimum profit per day = 1". My account is 10000 USD; the value of the pair being traded is around 6000 USD; and entry units = 5%. It should be very easy for generator to find and collect strategies under these circumstances, but in fact it has a lot of difficulties.

Interestingly, all collected strategies have a profit per day > 10 USD; if I enter "profit per day = 5", then all of a sudden all collected strategies have a profit larger than 50 USD per day. It seems very clear therefore that there's a mistake in the code that multiplies the requested profit per day per 10.


Re: Minimum profit per day

Hello Nunu,
Thank you for the report.

You are right. I checked it and found that the Acceptance Criteria checks the strategy points profit per day instead of the currency profit per day.

I'll upload a fix until the end of the week.