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Topic: Bars in FSB Pro - trader mode


I'm still struggling with the data bars in FSB Pro (trader mode only). It is clear that indicators in some charts are wrongly calculated because data is lacking. For example, I've noticed some days missing which lead to data gaps and wrong indicator values. The problem is that now I'm not sure which charts are ok and which are not, because in some cases that might not be obvious.

I've tried many things, from increasing the min number of bars, to close and reopen the connection and the chart, and even deleting the stored hst files in MT4. Nothing worked consistently.

My idea now is to delete the data files stored by FSB pro itself (the trader mode files, note the builder mode data). This would force FSB to re-download the right data from MT4, and all should be fine. Do you know how to do this, or do you have any idea?


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the method that I use to get MT4 data is to set up the chart whose data I want and use ctrl s to save it to the FSB data folder...

I have found that MT4 has bad data, so I use tickstory to load MT4 and then save to FSB

I think the data we get using FSB is from Tickstory and is probably the best we can get.

Other than that we would have to purchase data and that could be costly.

I see that futures and stock traders are continually complaining about bad data from many providers.... Data is a tough thing to deal with. for sure.!

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Hello Nuno,

FSB Pro doesn't store data file in Trade mode. It loads all data from MT4 chart when establishing a connection.

Actually, FSB Pro doesn't store any account, positions or trading data.

You can thing for FSB Trading like a normal trading with an expert advisory. There is no shortcomings. All known problems comes from the bad implementation of MT4. Fortunately, FSB Pro solves many MT4 or brokers issues, which is the main cause for existence of the program.

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Thanks. Blaiserboy, I was referring to the trader mode. For the builder mode, I already use tickstory and another vendor for older data.

Popov, what do you think I can do then to solve this issue? Other persons might have the same problem and be unaware of it.

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I think the only way to have same data in builder and trader mode is to export data directly form a MT chart - Ctrl + S.

The MT HST data is different than the chart data. MT backtest works on the HST files but trades on the chart data (in most of the cases)

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That's not my problem in fact. I just want to oblige FSB to re-download from MT4 the data in trader mode. Anyway I'll try again at home later on.

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I just want to oblige FSB to re-download from MT4 the data in trader mode.

Close and reopen a connection.

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The bars from Tickstory can be different from the broker feed because they are coming from two vastly different sources, what works on Tickstory may not work on broker data.

You may have to compare the two very closely to see if your indicators function the same way on each. Others have had similar difficulties.

You may have to use the broker data to make your strategies more accurately.