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Why i find a big diference between the data that i download in the site and the data from my forex platform.
The huge diference is the Volume, not in the Price.

By the way, sorry my english.
I?m from Portugal.

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Bom dia senhor Gomes

The data I publish are from my Bulgarian broker.
There are two reasons for the difference.
- Time zone - it affects the closing price.
- Trading volume - in fact the volume shown in the charts is the tick volume. It measures the number of the price changes not the real trading volume. There is a strong correlation between the tick volume and the trading volume.
Do not rely too much on the volume. My opinion shows that this is not reliable factor. Some times the volume is not shown correctly in the data.

It is better to use data from your broker and to set your spread/swap numbers.

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Bom dia senhor Popov.
Thank you for your time.

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Zdraveite az sum ot Bulgariq i sum na4inae6t. Iskam da pitam za6to sled kato si instalirah programata Forex Strategy builder v sekciq jurnal poslednata data mi e 02.02.07 a v momenta e 14.02.07. Dali e neobhodimo da se vuvejdat novi danni nqkade .Blagodarq

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elenko asks:
Today is 02/14/2007, but in the journal I see data till 02/02/2007. Is it necessary to update the data?


FSB does not update the data automatically. You can import data from your broker or download it from our  download page. We will try to provide history data every week.

Zdravei, elenko
Programata FSB ne obnoviava dannite avtomati4no. Ako iska6 po-novi danni, moje6 da si gi importne6 ot twoia broker, ili da gi swali6 ot na6ia sait. 6te se staraem da gi obnoviavame vsiaka sedmica. Za celta na Forex Strategy Builder - da postroiava6 i testwa6 strategii, nali4ieto na nai-savremenni danni ne e vajno.

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I have exported the data from Metatrader 4 using csv files, but today when I open FSB I receive this message:

Unhandled exception has occured in your application.  If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error......

Index was outside the bounds of the array.

I have used the MT4 exported data for a week successfully, but not it does not seem to be working any longer.  Any ideas?  Any timeframes 1H or longer work, 30 minutes or shorter seem to make the program crash.  I am wondering if there are too many bars in the shorter timeframes?  Thanks for a great tool, I think it has potential if used properly!


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Very strange!!!

Can you send the data file to our e-mail.
The limits are 100000 bars. (I've never tested it)

Thank you!