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Topic: A minor problem – in the collection list

Sometimes, when working at same time with few collections shown in the collection list, I will chose the second collection (or third)  in the list to work with – for example to be able to delete some bad strategy from this collection.

After deleting of this strategy the chosen collection will be rearranged, and amount of strategies shown for this collection will be reduced with one.  But, at the end of this process, CHOSEN collection will move to the first collection in the collection list, and I have to point once again to (choose) the second collection if I want to proceed with grooming of this collection.

Probably a pointer should be initiated in the program to keep track of which collection is in use – it will allow FSB Pro to return to same collection in described situation.

Re: A minor problem – in the collection list

Herd, thank you for your question.
I'll answer you tomorrow with details.