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Topic: Possible bug

I had two short EUR/USD open at the same time on 25 July although the strategy shouldn't do that. That is, the positions were opened at different days, but on 25 July both they were simultaneously open (one of the positions is still open, the other I closed manually). I attach the strategy. The log can be checked here:

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Re: Possible bug

What has been shown in FSB Pro before closing the second position? Has FSB showed both positions (amount of lots)?
It is possible the program to open two positions if it open first one with one Connection ID ad later close that connection and reconnect to the same chart with other ID. It will not recognize the first position in that case. FSB will thing that the position was open from different strategy.

I don't see other variant. FSB, FST will not add to a position when adding is not allowed.

Please check MT4 logs. I'm working now on adding logs to FSB Pro trader to resolve this kind of problem easier.

Re: Possible bug

I don't see how the magic number could have changed because you told me that even if FSB is restarted that's not a problem...