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Topic: Spread calculation / limits?

I entered new Symbol from settings like this, spread is 600 points


I tried to generate a strategy, on input parameters spread is 600 points and it is right


But on journal, opened position's spread is stated as 60. So i wonder if it is cosmetic error or bug? Does The generator using spread as 60 or 600? Or there is a limit for max spread?


For eurusd if i set spread 20, on journal the new opened position's spread shown as 20.

Re: Spread calculation / limits?

The spread in the journal is $60 (it is not 60 points).

Probably it is correct.

Change the output info in points and check the spread for any case.


Re: Spread calculation / limits?

Sry, my bad. I forgot that point/currency thing.

Thx again.